Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life With Two

When I got pregnant with Amelia, I was nervous and excited for a new little baby to join our family of two. I bought all the baby must-have books, read them multiple times and still didn't feel like I had a good grasp on the task of "caring for a baby". All the firsts, were huge milestones, that received a lot of documentation. We didn't want to forget. Who wants to forget the exact day and time that your child enjoys her first bite of corn on the cob ?! Life was full of challenges, big and small, but the love that this little girl brought to our family trumped all of those challenges.

When I got pregnant with Barrett, I was nervous and scared to bring a new baby into our family that was still trying to figure out life as a family of three. I read a couple of highlighted chapters in the books that I saved from my first pregnancy but didn't really have the time or the energy to go and read new materials on "caring for a baby". I thought that I was seasoned in need to re-season. Man, was I wrong. All the firsts with Barrett, were milestones, and they received documentation but some of the details were forgotten by the time I recorded them. Life became a little more crazy but the love that our little boy brought to our family was worth all the craziness.

Being a mom to two children, I thought it might be fun to look at some things that I have learned in the 7 short months of juggling two kids that are 18 months apart.

- A shower can be under 5 minutes: face scrubbed, legs shaved, hair washed and body cleaned.
- Deodorant, perfume, a pair of fancy, dangle earrings and a scarf can be as uplifting to a sleep-deprived soul as a day in the spa.
-Your second child will very rarely be put down on the floor for "tummy time" out of fear what the first child will do to him while you aren't looking. (Amelia would try to ride Barrett like a horse)
-Regardless of the little amount of "tummy time", the second child will be able to sit up and crawl within an acceptable timeline.
-The love between the two kids is amazing to watch. It grows with each passing day and I can't help but get excited for their relationship when they are older.
-A home cooked dinner gets a new definition when a second child is added to the equation. Somehow a fresh salad and a warm meat, including microwaveable chicken patties and meatballs, are part of a nice home cooked meal.
-The amount of kisses, giggles and snuggles gets doubled and it's WONDERFUL!
-You can love the second just as much as the first. Your heart doubles in size...instantly.
-The rigorous schedule that had to be kept with the first goes flying out the window with the second.
- The second child doesn't get multiple outfit changes a day just because --he's lucky if he gets out of his pajamas before 10am.
-You'll rarely drink from a glass that doesn't have food chunks floating in it or little hands reaching and pulling it down in their direction.
-Meals are meant to be shared--Mommy's plate looks so much more appetizing that perfectly cut up food on cute character plates.
-Laundry can no longer be completed in a weekend. It is started at the beginning of the week, folded in the middle of the week and put away at the end of the week.

Amelia will always hold a special place in my heart because she made me a mother, a title that I don't take lightly.
Barrett will always hold a special place in my heart because he allowed me to step out of the box, to be something new and different...a mother to a son, a title that I don't take lightly.

Life with two is chaotic and exhausting but life with two is so WONDERFUL and GRAND!
I love being a mom to my Conway cuties!I

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