Monday, May 26, 2014

Lions, Tigers and Elephants...OH MY!

The Ringling Brothers: Barnum & Bailey circus came to town last week. We weren't going to go because I didn't think the kids would sit still for the show and because Jason was on call and wouldn't get to experience it with us but at the last second, we bought tickets.
Every commercial that came on TV made our excitement for the event grow!
Saturday morning came and we started off the day getting ready for a fun day! Green pancakes with sprinkles...both kids LOVED them!
The circus was at the Giant Center so it was close to home. We stopped for a quick lunch on the way there so we wouldn't be tempted to buy the $8 hotdog. We made it to the circus at the perfect time. By the time we found our seats, the pre-show was out and getting everyone settled in before the actual event started. They had clowns doing all sorts of tricks so the kids were entertained and excited with all of their bright colors
The show was amazing! Neither one of the kids was scared of the darkness, the fireworks, the loud music or anything else that we thought might make them a little nervous.
The show had everything that you would think a circus would have...lions, tigers, horses, elephants and so many talented performers.
The lions and tigers had a few moments were it looked like the trainer was going to get brutally attacked but he was eventually able to gain control of Princess, the rowdy and rebellious lion. 
The show started at 11:30am, which we thought would be perfect. The kids usually nap around 1:00pm so we thought they would fall asleep after the show. Well, about ten minutes before intermission, both kids were sounds asleep. I guess the bright lights, the loud music and the fireworks lulled them to sleep...HA!
FYI: Barrett was in the Bjorn so that's why he is laying a little weird on my chest.
They both woke up shortly after intermission ended and the trapeze artist came out. We finished out the second half of the show with some popcorn and a sno-cone. Not going to lie...I tried anything to get Amelia to stay awake. I didn't want her to miss the horses or the elephants.
We had so much fun at the circus!! Such fun memories with the little ones!

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