Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Since Monday was Memorial Day weekend, I had a three day weekend!  Hallelujah!! 
We started out each morning with a walk...our morning walks have become part of our routine that is a necessity for a good day!
A few mornings we stopped by the park before heading back home. Amelia begs to go to the park and then realizes how close the train tracks are to the playground and has a panic attack. Sidenote: Amelia is still terrified of the train. It's too loud and she thinks it's going to come off the tracks to get her. They are both in their pajamas...don't judge!  Look at their faces...Amelia is crying because she is scared that the train is going to come by and Barrett is smiling because he loves to swing.
We visited Cocoa Castle on Sunday, which is an old historic playground made out of wood in Hershey. Barrett fell asleep on the drive so he stayed in the car with Nannie while Amelia and I had some one-on-one time at the park.
We chased each other around, went down some super fast slides and had to pull wood chips out of our sandals WAY too many times.

We also spent a lot of time this weekend in the pool. Any time we were home and didn't have an errand scheduled, we were hanging outside by the blow-up pool. We have two kids that love to be outside and that love to be in the water!!
They are constantly begging to go outside on the deck so they can splash in their water table and get in their pool. The sun was a little intense this weekend...Barrett needs sunglasses that he can't pull off.
Sidenote: We are looking into getting a canopy to cover the back deck so the kids can go out without burning their feet on the food and getting too much sun for their delicate skin.

Our weekend, plus one, ended with a great nap for everyone, a grilled dinner and an evening walk!
It was so great to get some extra time with the kids and Jason--he was off Monday.

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