Sunday, May 18, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Eight

We are only a few weeks away from you being in our arms longer than you were in Mommy's belly. Where does the time go?! You are the happiest little boy. You love to grin and can light up a room with only one smile on your face. 
You are so adventurous and you love keeping up with your sister when she is playing and running through the house. You are a pretty quick crawler but you still get frustrated when you can't keep up with her. 
You are the best! I couldn't have asked for a better little boy for our family!
We love you!
Here are some special highlights for your EIGHTH month:

Weight: 19.8 pounds (71%)
Height: 27.6 inches (61%)
Clothing Size: You are wearing 9-12 month clothing, with a few 6 month onesies sprinkled in the closet. Anything that I buy that is summer and can be worn into early fall is a 12 month. The 12 month clothing is still a little big on you but after it gets dried and after a few months pass by, then the 12 months will fit perfectly. Sigh
Diapers: Huggies size 4 diapers: Amelia is no longer wearing diapers so you got all of your sister's diapers. They are a little bit big but they work!
Feeding:You've started feeding yourself this month. Mum Mums are soft, easy to dissolve rice cakes that are flavored like bananas and veggies. You love these because you feel so big eating them by yourself. You eat anything that we will give you off of our plates...french toast, eggs, pudding, fruit, potatoes, noodles, rice, soft veggies and anything else soft enough for you to munch on with your two teeth.
Hair/Eyes: You have the prettiest, clearest blue eyes. I have a feeling that they will stay blue and you'll take after your Daddy. Your hair is so light. Nannie says that you're going to be a little cotton top! Cotton top and blue adorable!
Sleep:We had to sleep train you again this month because teething and a stuffy nose got you (and us) out of your normal sleeping habits. You have figured out how to pull yourself up to standing and getting you back down and asleep in a comfortable position has been difficult. You're learning but it's a slow process. You will usually flip over at night and you'll sleep on your stomach. Nap time is in your crib now. You still take 1-2 naps a day but the length varies!
-You have started clapping when we sing certain songs to you.
-You love going to library time every Tuesday. The stories, the songs and the kids make you so happy
-Your first day of school was May 16, 2014
-Slept with a music machine on the side of your bed on April 30, 2014. You love music and you struggle with sleeping on your belly, crawling and standing up right now so we are hoping this helps soothe you. We only used it one night and took out the machine. The light woke up you and you were too distracted.
-The bath is your happy place. You love to put your head under the faucet and/or splash in the water so that you and everyone around you is soaked.
- You can walk behind a push toy (Amelia's doll stroller) from the living room into the kitchen.
-You are a super quick crawler and you'll follow anyone to the back bedrooms.
-You love to be outside, you love to be held and you love your bath time.
-Visited the salt spa for the first time (it did wonders for your congestion)
-You hold your own bottle and sippy cup.
-You are getting so vocal. You still haven't said dada or mama but you say oooo and ahhhh all the time. You are learning to make sounds and you are putting your voice to use.

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