Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I love being a mom! It's something that I always dreamed about when I was younger. I didn't dream about the sleepless nights or the stress that will accompany when a child is sick but I did dream about my ability to love another little person with all my mind, heart and being. My dreams were totally surpassed when I had Amelia and Barrett.
I love being a mom and I love that we get a special day just for us!
I woke up Sunday morning with tons of homemade presents and fresh flowers. The homemade presents were opened on Saturday (Amelia was too excited to show them off) but I really got to exam them again on Sunday morning. The fresh flowers were from Jason after his trip away! For some reason, I only took a few pictures. I also got some adorable flower cards, a frame and an adorable picture!
We spent our morning home--Barrett wasn't well enough to go to the nursery at church. The kids played in their bean box, we ate cinnamon rolls and we took a walk around the block.
We headed to lunch and then to the park after we had our bellies full. Amelia tried the big girl swing for the first time...she was so cute!
Barrett loves to swing too. He literally had the biggest smile on his face the whole time that he was swinging.

We came back home just in time for a nap! The kids napped for 3 HOURS and I got in some great snuggle time with my littlest love. I loved examining his eyelashes, his sweet little lips and touching his soft cheeks.
We all rolled out of bed by 4:00pm, just in time for some play time on the back porch. The kids love being outside--they could seriously live outside!
I had one of the best weekends with my little loves and I couldn't have asked for better gifts from the kids. Homemade presents are better than anything else...definitely make this Mama's heart happy!

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