Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Potty Training Time

Amelia has been showing interest in her small Minnie Mouse potty for awhile but she would lose interest after a couple successful days.
We woke up on Monday,  May 12th and decided that it was a perfect day to make the permanent switch from diapers to big girl panties.
I read up online about setting timers and frequent reminders so Amelia wouldn't have to do to much "thinking" in the beginning. She would go into the bathroom when the timer would go off and she would go, or try to go, every 40-45 minutes.

Monday afternoon she ran her first errand with Nannie in her big girl panties...no diaper!
Tuesday she had a play date with her friends Penny and Henry and she had a couple of accidents. She was able to stop herself though and finish on her potty. Day two of potty training should not have been playing at a friends house BUT it was AND she did great!
Wednesday and Thursday she stayed home and had no accidents.
Friday she went to school and had to wear Pull-ups and she forgot all that she had learned. I think the Pull-ups felt too similar to a diaper and she  reverted back to her old ways.
Saturday and Sunday she was diaper and accident free!

We are starting week two and determined to make each day better than the last. It's a process, just like anything. We all have setbacks but learning from those setbacks and moving forward is the end goal!

We have a reward system for her for each time she goes on the potty. She gets to add a sticker to her ice cream chart (ten stickers=ice cream date) and she gets to pull a penny from the bowl to add to her money bank.

She wakes up from a nap (she still uses a diaper at nap/bed time) and requests a new pair of panties. We have multiple styles: Elmo, Hello Kitty, neon stripes and Disney princesses.

Keep up the good work, Amelia Jean!

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