Monday, May 12, 2014

Salt Spas And Selfies!

Friday was a big day in our house... Amelia was able to return to Ms. Bs after being out for so long due to a nasty bug that hit our house and didn't want to leave. She was so excited to go and play with her friends. I think her face shows her excitement!!
Friday was crazy because I had a lot of fun goodies to drop off at some local hospitals for Nurse's Appreciation Week. On my lunch break, I met my mom (and Barrett) at the doctor's office for a routine exam for my mom. Barrett has started smiling when he sees himself on camera. I love his sweet little smile!
I finished out the rest of the day at a symposium at a local hospital and then rushed home to help get Jason ready for his trip to Pittsburgh. Jason's research project was chosen to be represented at a conference in Pittsburgh on Saturday. I was originally going to go along but because the kids weren't back up to 100%, I decided to stay home.
I would have loved to watch him present his project to his peers, to see him interact with his colleagues and to have a night in Pittsburgh with him but I didn't feel like it was a good time. There is always next time.
When I went to pick up Amelia from school, Ms. B told me about a salt spa that just opened in town. She said that it is known for helping with allergies, congestion, skin conditions and numerous other things. I called up the place and got excited when I heard the price and the positive effects that can come as a result. I made the earliest appointment possible...Saturday morning.
Friday evening wasn't too eventful, which is a good thing.
Saturday morning was filled with our early morning walk, a yummy breakfast and a trip to the salt spa.
They have a kid friendly room so the kids just played in the room like it was a giant sandbox. The purified salt was then broke down and filtered through the air. The session was 30 minutes and we really enjoyed ourselves! I will definitely be taking the kids there again!
We left the salt spa, went to the store for some drinks and snacks and then headed to the park. The park is one of our favorite places!

Amelia loves to hang on the rings all by herself...she is so proud of her accomplishment! Barrett could have stayed in the handicapped swing all day. He felt so big to not be in the baby swing!
We finished out our Saturday with some Chipotle and some jumping on the trampoline.
I really enjoyed getting to spend so much great time with the kids Friday evening and Saturday. They are growing so fast and it's easy to overlook so much with our busy schedules. This weekend I made time to stop and enjoy and I'm so glad that I did. The Conway kids amaze me with everything that they do.
I made sure to enjoy some extra bedtime snuggles with the kids. Amelia likes to snuggle more than Barrett so I was able to hold her, exam her sweet little features and thank God for this sweet little girl that calls me Mom.
Such a good feeling to have before going to sleep on Mother's Day eve!

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