Monday, May 5, 2014

The Sick Bug Strikes Again

Thursday evening Amelia was overly tired and she demanded to be held a lot more than normal. I knew something was going on when she refused to eat dinner and she was asleep in my arms before 7:30pm. She was up multiple times that night with a high fever, aches and chills.
Jason was on call so when he came in on Friday morning, he took this picture. I almost didn't post it because I look like death but I think it paints a pretty accurate picture of our night. We were up every four hours--taking temperatures and administering medicine.
I cashed in a sick day on Friday because she needed some extra attention and I knew that she would want her Mommy to love on her. We ran to Wal-Mart, before most people are even up and out of bed for the day, because we were running low on medicine. I was able to talk her into a biscuit and a chocolate milk from McDonalds.  Thank goodness that she ate her breakfast because I'm not sure she ate anything else the rest of the day...she was so sick!
When the doctor's office opened, I called and scheduled her an appointment. I hate seeing her so sick and I wanted to see if the doctor thought she needed any extra medication from what we were giving her. The office thought she should be seen since her fever was so high and the medicine wasn't bringing it down very much through the day.
She seemed to keep up her stamina after breakfast but the doctor knew something was wrong when she looked at her. Her eyes were glossed over, her cheeks were flushed and she had a nasty cough. They tested her lungs, measured her oxygen levels by putting a device on her toe (she screamed for 10 minutes straight) and determined that she had the croup. I personally think the croup looks pretty identical to the flu that she had 5 months ago but that's just me.
Our days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) have been filled with lots of juice boxes, Capri suns, tears, snuggles, naps, medicine, books on the iPad and kisses. Anything that we thought would help make her feel better, we did. Nothing really seemed to help!
As of now, Monday afternoon, Amelia is about the same. I called the doctor this morning and she said that if the fever goes into tonight and tomorrow morning, Amelia needs to go back for a follow-up.
I'm so ready for summer so we can open up our windows for days and air out all the nasty viruses that have seemed to make themselves comfortable in our house this winter.
Praying Amelia gets better soon and Barrett doesn't get whatever it is that she has!

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