Thursday, May 1, 2014

Too Cute Not To Share

Amelia nabbed Barrett's sippy cup and took refuge on top of the picnic table. Barrett did his best to try and get it back. The tongue is needed for balance, just in case anyone is wondering! HA
Barrett's smile can light up a room, especially a totally destroyed, toy-filled room!
Amelia loves to play with Barrett but she can also be a little demanding. She likes to lean him back (aka-throw him back) and listen to his heart. Notice he loves his checkup and Amelia is full of concentration. I tried to tell her that if she put the ear pieces in her ears she could "hear" better but she didn't believe me.
We got our 2013 blog book and Amelia's 2nd birthday book in the mail this week and it was a major hit. Amelia loved looking through the book and remembering fun things and looking at all the pictures.
Blurry but adorable. Peek-a-book with Daddy before bed always generates a lot of belly laughs.
Someone loves to feed himself, like refuses to eat anything else until the Mum Mum is gone. Where did my little baby go?!
Such a Mommy's boy in the morning! He forces me to stop running around like crazy each morning and to spend some snuggle time with him and Amelia. How can I say no to that sweet face?!
Smiles in the swing! Amelia loves the swing and her new purple shoes from Old Navy (FYI: the shoes are awesome. She can put them on herself, they are similar to crocs and they clean up so well)

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