Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tree Hugging & Park Playing

After four really rough days due to some crazy sickness that hit Amelia, we finally had a break. With the high fevers and the massive amounts of coughing, Amelia has been pretty stationary. She hasn't felt like doing anything so when she perked up at the mention of the park, we jumped on the idea.   Last night after dinner, we went threw on some shoes and headed on a walk to the park. Barrett stayed with Nannie because he was getting a bath after a messy dinner.
Daddy carried his little girl on his shoulders during most of the walk and Amelia loved it! She loved grabbing on to the tree branches!
The park was short-lived because it started to sprinkle but we made sure to enjoy every bit of the 10 minutes that we were there.
I love seeing Amelia smile at the thought of the park and I love watching her light up when she slides down the slide. We didn't see too many smiles the past days so tonight was just as much fun for her as it was for her Daddy and I.
I hope that we are finished with the crazy sickness...I hate seeing our kids so miserable!

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