Wednesday, May 28, 2014


  • I will be participating in my first Color Run 5k this Saturday in Hershey! I'm doing it with some friends and I'm excited to exercise, to get covered in colored dust and to have a morning with the girls. I'm still debating whether or not to take Amelia...thoughts?!
  • Barrett has been on acid reflux medicine since he was 6 weeks old and he's been doing great. Since he's getting older, we thought it might be time to try and take him off his medicine. We stopped the medicine yesterday and today we realized he still needs his medicine. I guess we will try to get him off the medicine when he gets closer to a year old. 
  • We purchased a canopy/gazebo for the back porch. We needed something to keep the sun from making the deck hot and from blocking some of the sunlight from the kids. I go tonight (thanks to Ms. Lacey for letting me borrow her truck) to go and pick it up. Jason is working late so he'll be surprised when he gets home and sees a huge box that needs assembled. 
  • Amelia is going through a phase where the train scares her and unfortunately, the train comes by A LOT! The train track is at the entrance to our subdivision and we live on the back side but you can still hear it when it blows its whistle. We have tried to tell her that the train has to stay on the track, that it is moving animals to the farm and anything else that we think might help but nothing is working. Throughout the day she gets a little uneasy but where we really see her panic is during bedtime. We've had to start a new routine with her because she's not coping so well to the dang train! 
  • Mom is doing great with her role as Nannie and we are loving having her with us! She is such a blessing and so much help with the kids. The kids go to school on Fridays so that is Mom's day for herself. It's not much but it's something and I think she really enjoys a day to do whatever she wants...nothing else! On July 1st, she will have been with us for a year. That seems crazy!
  • I'm 8 days shy of turning 30 and it's not affecting me like I've heard others talk about. I have a work event in Boston the 4th, 5th and 6th (my birthday) and then I have a work event on the 7th. Jason is on call the 7th and the 8th so maybe it doesn't feel like my birthday because our schedules are so crazy and I don't have a day designated to blow out candles and eat cake. 
  • Amelia is doing so good with potty training. She wears panties all day, regardless of what is on the agenda. She has gone almost a full week without having an accident--Ms. B wants her to wear pull-ups when she is there on Fridays and I think that it feels to similar to a diaper and she doesn't speak up and tell Ms. B when she needs to go. When she is at home or running around with us, she does great. I think we make sure that we make her potty training a priority! She went to the circus, grocery shopping, ice cream date....ACCIDENT FREE! She wears pull-ups during naps and bedtime but most of the time she wakes up dry. She is doing so good!!  
  • June 16th is Match Day for Jason's anesthesia fellowship. We are so excited to find out what God has in store for our family! 
  • My work has been a little crazy. My team of 4 has dwindled down to 2, soon to be 1 as a result of a termination, a promotion and maternity leave. The amount of work that I have accrued over the past two months has significantly increased, as well as the stress level. I have hired a few more people and hopefully by the end of the month, things start to calm down a little.

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