Monday, May 19, 2014

Yard Sales and Ice Cream

This weekend didn't start off jammed packed with activities but after a few last minute add-ons, our weekend became crazy.
Saturday morning was our community wide yard sale. I usually have some clothes to sell but this year, I put out a lot of the baby things and a lot of our bigger toys. We have about a year until we move and we won't be able to take everything with us, so it was time to purge.
I didn't touch the yard sale items until 5:00am Saturday morning and somehow by the time that the 7:00am opening time arrived, I had everything separated out and priced. I thought I was doing pretty good until a little girl named Amelia woke up and saw all the stuff that I was selling. She was in heaven! She forgot all about the cools toys that she doesn't play with...
She convinced me that the dollhouse needed to stay a few more months. I love seeing her imagination when she plays with her dolls and those sweet words "pweese mommy" so I gave in and we kept the doll house.
There was a house down the street that was selling boys and girls clothes (size newborn to 6T)--mint condition clothing! I left mom with our stuff and went and found some great deals. Needless to say, the kids are pretty set on clothing for the next couple of sizes.
We closed down the yard sale right at 11am because we had a meeting with Ms. Danielle. We sold all the big stuff--the clothes were all taken to a consignment shop/Goodwill and some things were put out on the curb with a homemade Free sign. 
We met Ms. Danielle at a nearby park, Cocoa Castle, for Barrett's 8 month photo shoot. 
Danielle sent me a sneak peek of some of the is my little man's color!
We came home just in time for lunch and nap. We woke up from nap and headed on an ice cream date to celebrate! Amelia has been in panties for a week....diapers on only during bedtime. Only a few accidents but she is doing great. We run errands, go grocery shopping, go to the park, have play dates, etc and she is getting really good at letting me know when she needs to go to the bathroom.
We walked to the center of town and picked out our favorite flavors...cotton candy for Amelia and butter pecan for Mommy. I'm glad we walked because I needed to burn off some of those calories!

Sunday we celebrated Barrett's 8 month birthday, organized all the clothes that I purchased on Saturday and tried to relax as much as we could. Saturday was exhausting so we were all ready for a nap when noon rolled around!
Jason had an ultrasound workshop all weekend and it was out a little early on Sunday so we took a stroll around the block. Amelia insisted on wearing her swimsuit while pushing Cho in her doll stroller.
We grilled out for dinner, blew some orange scented bubbles, splashed in the water table and before we knew it, it was time for our bedtime routine.
We survived another week/weekend. The time seems to fly by--we have less than a month until we find out where the Conway family will be moving!!

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