Monday, June 30, 2014

Monthly Photo Shoot: Month Nine

Barrett's 9 month pictures were done in our backyard with his favorite thing...bubbles!!
I was at work when Danielle came over and took the pictures so when I got them in the mail, I was totally surprised. 

My sweet babies are growing up too fast! I love having these monthly pictures to remind me of their sweet little personalities during their first (and second) year of life.
Happy 9 month, Bear!

All About Barrett

Today is a post all about the littlest Conway...Barrett Albert!
Today Barrett has been in our arms longer than he was in my belly...such a fun milestone to meet! 
When we found out we were pregnant, we had no idea what an extra addition would be like. I love experiencing motherhood with such a sweet little Conway boy!
Little did we know the fun that our little man would bring to our family...he is the perfect puzzle piece to the Conway puzzle!
I would describe Barrett has a smiley, adventurous, determined, loving, rough little boy. His smile lights up a room. His teeth are now shining through when he smiles (just another sign of him getting older) and I love how his eyes twinkle when he laughs and smiles. 
He has the sweetest little dimple on the right side of his mouth when he makes a "hoot" noise. By the way, the "hoooo" noise is his favorite way to communicate. He can say some words but he prefers to talk like an owl.
His snuggles are the sweetest! He rarely sits on my lap without squirming so to get some good sleepy snuggles with Bear are priceless. I love having him drool all on my shoulder and rest his little hand on my chest. Makes life just a little sweeter!
The book basket is one of his favorite places in the house--he also enjoys getting under the side table in the living room. His favorite books at the moment are Little Feet Like and Elmo's Boo Boo Book. He will search the books out (ie. throw out all the other books). I love how he knows what he wants and he does whatever it takes to get what he wants. One day he will learn that those choices come with consequences (ie. clean up time) but for now, he's learning.
He loves to take walks and be outdoors, especially when he gets to go in the single stroller all. by. himself. He loves to hold on, sit up and watch the houses and cars pass us by on our early morning walks. Also..he does not like to be strapped in and can throw one heck of a fit when he realizes that I'm hooking him in the stroller. 
He loves to stretch out and cross his little feet when he takes a bottle. He has even started to cross his feet when he sits up and plays in the floor. I love seeing his legs all stretched sweet!
Our sweet 9 month old is fascinated with making noise, pulling hair, chasing the pups around the house and giving the best slobbery kisses! Our little Bear is all boy, all the time, and he is all ours!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Conway--Family Of Four

My mom has an annual camping trip with all of her siblings. They always go in June and living in Pennsylvania was not a valid enough excuse for her missing her camping trip, so she got a flight booked earlier this year. Her flight was originally scheduled for last night at 6:00pm but after a couple of delays due to weather, she wasn't going to make her connection.
She was rescheduled for the earliest flight this morning and at 5:00am, we were exchanging hugs! She was so excited to get home, get on the creek and to see her siblings! I'm so excited for her because she works so hard, day in and day out, with the kids so she needs so rest and relaxation.
With all of that said...we are now surviving with the Conway four.
It's a little nerve-racking because I've never not had her here since I had Barrett. I know that we can's just we've never had to figure out a routine for our crazy lives without Nannie.
This morning we were dressed and out the door ON TIME and we were SMILING!
I'm excited to see how we function over the next 5 days...we have a great little family!
We will miss Nannie terribly but the break will be good for all parties we go, ready or not!

Snapshots Of Our Life

We visit the library once a week for toddler time. Amelia requested two pony tails and Cho baby for library time this week.
Amelia is all about smiling but we are still working on her looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time.
Cho baby gets her picture taken all the time. I unexpectedly find multiple pictures on my phone all. the. time.
Walks have become more fun! Amelia has figured out that she can sit on the foot rest and the ride is instantly more fun and exhilarating.
She also likes to allow Barrett space to stretch out while she hops, skips and stays a few feet ahead of us. She's growing up too fast.
We love the pool! Most of our days and weekends include a couple of trips to the pool. Summer is so much more fun at the pool!
I love this picture that Amelia captured on our way home from church. The color is off a little--she adjusts the color for her pictures. I love how Barrett is all smiles at his sister!
Danielle came over for Barrett's 9 month pictures while I was at work this week. Since I missed the session, she sent me a sneak peek.
Amelia has had her second haircut! She loves to go and get pampered so when he bangs were getting a little crazy, I made her an appointment. She definitely knows what she likes...hairspray!  HA
We've had some crazy nights of thunderstorms. I tried to take a picture of the was coming down so hard that we couldn't see across the street. We had a little girl snuggled in our bed for most of the night. The "tunder" and "witning" (thunder and lightning) were a little scary for her.
I love finding little reminders of the kids. This sticker was by the driver's side mat...I couldn't help but smile. I also realize that I need to vacuum my car immediately!
Mom is in Missouri for her annual sibling camping trip so we are functioning with just a Mommy, Daddy, Amelia, Barrett and the two pups.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Growing A Garden

We don't have much space for a garden and we didn't want to dig out our tiny back yard but we knew we wanted to plant some vegetables this summer. We planted tomatoes (3 plants), zucchini, squash, cucumber, peppers, peas, cabbage and pumpkins. We even planted some sunflowers and some wildflowers...we were feeling enthusiastic!  Most of the plants we put in large planters on the side of our deck but the pumpkins and two cabbage plants got to be planted on our hillside.
We've already harvested a pepper and a cucumber...success in my book!
Please ignore the porch that is filled with a pool, a water table, tons of toys and chairs...we love playing outside!
 After we take a bath, right before bed, we head outside to water all of our plants. Amelia loves to help out with her chores and we love to examine our vegetables!!
I'm so glad that we let Mom (and Uncle Ted) talk us into planting a small garden. It really has been a neat experience to have with Amelia. She loves learning about the plants and how they grow and I love seeing the fruits of our labor!!

Weekend Recap With Our Special Visitors!!

The Davaults called on Wednesday afternoon and they were on the road to Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Davaults are blood family but they are definitely family!!
Rodney is a farmer and now is prime hay season so we didn't really think they would make the drive but were pleasantly surprised that they were on their way!!
Thursday morning, before work, Amelia went to SAMs with me so we could load up on some grocery and drinks for them.
She loves going to SAMs with me at opening (7am) because we pretty much have the whole store to ourselves. By the end of our shopping trip, she was exhausted and ready to go home. Notice the purple braid clipping in her hair.
The Davaults arrived at our house on Thursday evening and they were so tired! It took them about 15 hours of driving...we were so excited to see them and hug their necks!! We took them to Hershey Chocolate World and to dinner! They loved learning more about Milton Hershey and the great things that he is doing with his foundation in Hershey! We didn't stay up too late on Thursday because we had to work on Friday and they were planning a trip to Gettysburg and Lancaster.
They wanted to see the battlegrounds and the Amish countryside...I think that they enjoyed all the surrounding areas had to offer.
We had graduation on Friday evening so they hung out with the kids and Nannie and then on Saturday, we made sure to enjoy the day with them. We spent the morning being lazy before we got dressed and headed to the creek.
Sidenote: Barrett loves getting his hands on his sister's cup! He LOVES chocolate milk! 
 After naptime, we loaded up the wagon and headed down to the creek. We have a creek on the backside of our house so there is a nice convenient path through the woods.
Amelia got a fishing pole and sister is OBSESSED. She is getting pretty good at reeling in her plastic fish but she still needs more practice at casting.
We headed home after we skipped a few rocks, cast the fish out in to the middle of the creek and got nice and wet. We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then we started a fire in our fire pit. S'mores were on the menu for dessert.
We stayed up entirely WAY TO late...we needed to soak up as much time with them as we could because they were leaving Sunday morning. I hate that we didn't get any pictures of us all together...shame!
They left after breakfast on Sunday. Amelia kept asking when they would "be back to my house". We went to church and after a quick lunch, we headed to the pool. Barrett has been having some rough nights so he slept for the most of our pool fun. Hurry up're making our little man miserable. 
Amelia got to use her Puddle Jumper with her Daddy! She usually plays in the kiddie pool, which is about 10 inches deep, so she rarely wears her Puddle Jumper. By the end of the day, she was going under and swimming without her Daddy holding on to her. She is such a little fish!!
We hated to see them leave but it was great to have them here! Morning and afternoon walks were filled with better conversations, preparing breakfasts and dinners were more fun and our house was filled with a lot more love! Having family in town makes our weekends SO much better!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Graduation Weekend!

Friday evening was the graduation for the 2014 Anesthesiology class. Graduation is always at the Hershey Country Club...such a beautiful location!
The event was black tie, so we had an excuse to get out our fancy clothes. It was fun to get a little dolled up for the evening!
The rest of the evening was filled with awards, dinner and then some doctor jokes that only the doctors would get. I snapped a few pictures of the evening...notice, most of them are of my food.
Jason had to do a presentation at the end of the graduation ceremony for the co-chief residents, being that he is the new co-chief resident.
It was fun to see all the graduating residents and knowing that next year, we will be the ones that are graduating. One more year and residency will be a closed chapter!!