Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Major Boo Boo

Thursday evening started out just like any evening. I came home from work, played with the kids, ate dinner and then went back to the living room to play. Mom was washing some dishes and was starting some boiling water for tea. Well, the front burner was accidentally turned on, instead of the back burner, and the Pampered Chef stone that was drying on the front burner, busted into pieces.
Mom immediately yelled "don't come in here" because one of the pieces was pushed off the stove, with the pressure of the heat, and onto the floor.
Amelia didn't listen and went running like a crazy girl into the kitchen. Have I mentioned that our girl is nosey?!
She went running so fast then when she got to the hot, sharp stone...she couldn't stop. The top of her right foot went right into the hot pan, which cut/burned the top of her foot.
Cue panic from Amelia, Barrett, Nannie and Mommy!!
Amelia's delicate skin was ripped open and were doing whatever we could to ensure that it would stop bleeding. Once the bleeding slowed down, we thought the cut was pretty deep and that it might need stitches. I paged Jason multiple times freaking out (he was on call so he couldn't leave) and then he finally got the hint and had me meet him at the hospital so he could look at the wound.
No stitches were needed but we needed to clean it up, wash it out and then put antibiotic cream on it.
She spent the night in Mommy's bed, foot propped up and being catered to like she was Queen Amelia.
Side sweet story--Before we went to bed, I prayed over her foot and then Amelia prayed "Jeez, please make my boo boo go away" and then she opened her eyes, looked at her foot, realized that it was still there and continued praying. Such a sweet moment that I got to witness...oh, to have her faith! 

Days have passed since that night and her foot is looking really good. She has been swimming a few times and I think the pool water is good for cleaning and disinfecting her foot.
I'm so thankful that the situation wasn't as bad as we originally thought and that she has been healing quickly.

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