Monday, June 2, 2014


Late on April 8th, we saw some suspicious activity by the wooded section on our parking lot. We were concerned, so on April 9th, we filed a claim with the police.
Our parking lot isn't visited unless you are on a mission to go to college so seeing odd activity and by so many different people throughout the day--we were thinking the wooded area was being used as a drug drop off point. On May 26th and 28th, we saw more people parking by the wooded area, walking down in the woods and then leaving shortly thereafter. They weren't staying long enough for us to get their license plate numbers so we called the police again. If something illegal was happening, then we wanted it taken care of! The police wrote up another report but that was the extent of it...., we saw two older females at the same spot. We asked them if they needed help and they said they were "geocaching", pronounced geocashing. I had never heard of "geocaching" before but Rebekah said it's like a world-wide treasure hunt. People hide things (boxes, containers, etc) with a sheet of paper so individuals can sign and date their time of finding the "treasure". I guess this is a real thing because there is a legit website! We did our research before searching the woods and we found that a drop off spot was right where everyone was going.
We walked down in the woods, searched and scanned the forest floor....found nothing!
As I turned to walk out, I noticed a pill bottle in the tree limbs. Pill bottle?!  Seriously?! 
We contemplated opening it because what if our fingerprints contaminated the evidence? Could we get in trouble for tampering? We decided to open the bottle and we were surprised to see that it was a geocaching bottle and there was a paper to sign in and a small pink crystal heart.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...we couldn't stop laughing! We were thinking that our sweet little parking lot was being used for a drug drop off point--we would even work certain days from home because we didn't want to be around by ourselves in case someone was doing illegal activity.
We spent a good portion of the day laughing about the situation. I'm so glad that our wooded area by our parking lot is's just filled with a lot of people that are on a huge treasure hunt!

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