Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Growing A Garden

We don't have much space for a garden and we didn't want to dig out our tiny back yard but we knew we wanted to plant some vegetables this summer. We planted tomatoes (3 plants), zucchini, squash, cucumber, peppers, peas, cabbage and pumpkins. We even planted some sunflowers and some wildflowers...we were feeling enthusiastic!  Most of the plants we put in large planters on the side of our deck but the pumpkins and two cabbage plants got to be planted on our hillside.
We've already harvested a pepper and a cucumber...success in my book!
Please ignore the porch that is filled with a pool, a water table, tons of toys and chairs...we love playing outside!
 After we take a bath, right before bed, we head outside to water all of our plants. Amelia loves to help out with her chores and we love to examine our vegetables!!
I'm so glad that we let Mom (and Uncle Ted) talk us into planting a small garden. It really has been a neat experience to have with Amelia. She loves learning about the plants and how they grow and I love seeing the fruits of our labor!!

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