Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last Weekend In May

Our weekend consisted of the following fun things:
--Going through the Color Run packet and trying on all the fun things that were in the bag. He was not impressed! Notice how I have to hold down his arms...he could rip that headband off before I could get a picture.
--Attempting to build the canopy that I bought last week for the back deck. Since the deck isn't exactly 10x10, the canopy didn't fit. Not a fun moment at our house! The canopy has since been returned and a new size has been purchased.
--Napping with a little girl that loves to be squished in the middle of Mommy and Daddy. Nap time on the weekends is one of the best moments!
--Riding to the park in the wagon, while enjoying so ice cold juice boxes! These two love their wagon so combining the wagon with a trip to the park AND juice boxes...it was the perfect combination.
 --Smiling from ear to ear while swinging on the swing set. This little boy could live in a swing!
--Celebrating a big birthday that is coming whether I'm ready or not. Since everyone has crazy schedules and we can't celebrate on my actual birthday, Saturday was the day for my celebration.
--Enjoying some family time while everyone is together. Work is crazy the next couple of weeks so it was great to have everyone together in one place!

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