Monday, June 2, 2014

Life Needs A Little COLOR

Saturday morning at 7am, some friends and I fought the traffic to the Color Run! This was the first time that Hershey hosted a color run...I think it was a success.
The run sold out after three days, was extended to Saturday and Sunday and had over 20,000 participants! Crazy busy....crazy traffic!
We took some pictures before the race and then we jumped in line. They only allowed 1,000 people, every 5 minutes, to start the run.There were so many many people ready to get covered with color!
We were in line, listening to music, cheering for free goodies and before we knew it, we were running. I stopped to take a picture of the few color areas. I thought that you ran under some color being dropped from an archway but that isn't how it was. The different color stations had volunteers that were throwing color on the runners.
There were 5 color stations: green, yellow, blue, purple and pink along the 3.2 mile course. So much fun!
At the end of the race, they were passing out color packets to each of the runners. We then went by the stage and when it was time, we all through our color in the air. We made a giant cloud of colored powder than coated every bit of our body. It was fun while it last but I was really second guessing myself for standing under the color cloud TWICE when I was trying to scrub the green off my body for 30 minutes in the shower.

Once we finished the color toss, it was time to call it a day. We cleaned up by walking past a volunteer with a huge leaf blower...I'm not sure how much it got off. HA
I saved part of my pink color packet from the toss because I knew a little girl that would love to get messy!
It was such a fun morning...I'm looking forward to doing this race with my little girl in a couple of years. She will LOVE it!!

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