Friday, June 20, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Nine

You're just days away from being in our arms for longer than you were in Mommy's belly. Such a great milestone!  We love you and the energy that you bring to our family--you are always up for an adventure! 
Your smile can still light up a room and it can instantly make everything all better! You're such joy...I'm so thankful that you are mine!
Here are some special highlights for your NINTH month:

Weight: 20.3 pounds (67%)
Height: 28.3 inches (60%)
Head Circumference: 45 cm (56%)
Clothing Size:  You are wearing 9 and 12 month clothing. Your shirts are usually 12 months and your shorts/jeans are usually 9 month. You scream and kick when we get you dressed. You do not like to stop to get dressed.
Diapers: Size 4 Target brand
Feeding: You are starting to self-feed and you are eating most of the food that we eat. We will occasionally throw in a baby food jar during meal time so we can ensure you are getting all your veggies and fruits. You've also mastered the sippy cup and we are working on drinking out of a straw. You are so proud of yourself when you grab your sippy cup and tilt it back to get a drink!
Hair/Eyes: Bright blue eyes and light blonde hair. 
Sleep: You go to sleep around 7:30pm and you are up at 5:00am for a quick bottle and then you'll go back to sleep until Amelia runs in the room to wake you up. You will take a quick (30-40 minute) nap in the morning and a longer (1-2 hour) nap in the afternoon. You aren't much of a prefer to lay down in your bed so you can stretch out. You prefer to sleep on your belly, in the left end of your bed.
-You have started getting really loud and vocal. You're trying to hard to talk
-You have started boycotting diaper changes. You arch your back, try to roll over and squirm so much!
-Baby food is no longer acceptable. You like the different flavors and textures and you can tell the difference between mashed food and baby food.
-Your third tooth (top right) popped through on May 21, 2014
-Waves bye bye. 
-Your fourth tooth (top left) popped through on May 29, 2014
-Your fifth tooth (left of the middle tooth on top) popped through on June 3, 2014
-Started saying dada.  First time was on June 5, 2014
-Started saying mama. First time was on June 9, 2014. I'm not sure you've said it since the first!
-You love to clap--you hold your right hand still and you move your left hand.
-You wave bye bye all the time. 
-You try to sign "more" but it looks more like you are waving your arms excitedly.  You haven't connected your hands yet but you try and we know what you mean.
-You have started to show preference in who you want to hold you, feed you, etc.
-You went on your first train ride on June 14, 2014
-You love water-- baths, the dog's watering bowl, the water table and the pool make you so happy!

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