Thursday, June 26, 2014

Snapshots Of Our Life

We visit the library once a week for toddler time. Amelia requested two pony tails and Cho baby for library time this week.
Amelia is all about smiling but we are still working on her looking at the camera AND smiling at the same time.
Cho baby gets her picture taken all the time. I unexpectedly find multiple pictures on my phone all. the. time.
Walks have become more fun! Amelia has figured out that she can sit on the foot rest and the ride is instantly more fun and exhilarating.
She also likes to allow Barrett space to stretch out while she hops, skips and stays a few feet ahead of us. She's growing up too fast.
We love the pool! Most of our days and weekends include a couple of trips to the pool. Summer is so much more fun at the pool!
I love this picture that Amelia captured on our way home from church. The color is off a little--she adjusts the color for her pictures. I love how Barrett is all smiles at his sister!
Danielle came over for Barrett's 9 month pictures while I was at work this week. Since I missed the session, she sent me a sneak peek.
Amelia has had her second haircut! She loves to go and get pampered so when he bangs were getting a little crazy, I made her an appointment. She definitely knows what she likes...hairspray!  HA
We've had some crazy nights of thunderstorms. I tried to take a picture of the was coming down so hard that we couldn't see across the street. We had a little girl snuggled in our bed for most of the night. The "tunder" and "witning" (thunder and lightning) were a little scary for her.
I love finding little reminders of the kids. This sticker was by the driver's side mat...I couldn't help but smile. I also realize that I need to vacuum my car immediately!
Mom is in Missouri for her annual sibling camping trip so we are functioning with just a Mommy, Daddy, Amelia, Barrett and the two pups.

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