Saturday, June 14, 2014

Snippets Of Our Life

*The weather has been so nice lately that we pretty much live outdoors and at our water table (or in the little pool). I got the kids some fun water/sand toys for our vacation in July and they were practicing with them!
*We've been making sure that the kids have everything for our vacation. One night we tried on life jackets..HA! Sorry Speedo but you weren't the top contender, Barrett couldn't even sit up!
*Amelia wanted to hold Barrett and then she asked for a picture. She was all smiles, even though her smile is hiding behind Barrett's shoulder. Barrett just goes along for the ride...such an easy little boy when it comes to his sister's crazy requests.
*We have a little girl that is doing great on potty training. She goes all day accident free and wakes up most mornings dry. She's a rockstar at this potty training thing!!
*I love seeing selfies on my phone...our Amelia girl is something else. How cute are those curls, by the way?!
*We are so glad that it is summer! The days can slow down a little bit so we can enjoy them before fall/winter come back around.

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