Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend Recap With Our Special Visitors!!

The Davaults called on Wednesday afternoon and they were on the road to Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Davaults are blood family but they are definitely family!!
Rodney is a farmer and now is prime hay season so we didn't really think they would make the drive but were pleasantly surprised that they were on their way!!
Thursday morning, before work, Amelia went to SAMs with me so we could load up on some grocery and drinks for them.
She loves going to SAMs with me at opening (7am) because we pretty much have the whole store to ourselves. By the end of our shopping trip, she was exhausted and ready to go home. Notice the purple braid clipping in her hair.
The Davaults arrived at our house on Thursday evening and they were so tired! It took them about 15 hours of driving...we were so excited to see them and hug their necks!! We took them to Hershey Chocolate World and to dinner! They loved learning more about Milton Hershey and the great things that he is doing with his foundation in Hershey! We didn't stay up too late on Thursday because we had to work on Friday and they were planning a trip to Gettysburg and Lancaster.
They wanted to see the battlegrounds and the Amish countryside...I think that they enjoyed all the surrounding areas had to offer.
We had graduation on Friday evening so they hung out with the kids and Nannie and then on Saturday, we made sure to enjoy the day with them. We spent the morning being lazy before we got dressed and headed to the creek.
Sidenote: Barrett loves getting his hands on his sister's cup! He LOVES chocolate milk! 
 After naptime, we loaded up the wagon and headed down to the creek. We have a creek on the backside of our house so there is a nice convenient path through the woods.
Amelia got a fishing pole and sister is OBSESSED. She is getting pretty good at reeling in her plastic fish but she still needs more practice at casting.
We headed home after we skipped a few rocks, cast the fish out in to the middle of the creek and got nice and wet. We enjoyed a yummy dinner and then we started a fire in our fire pit. S'mores were on the menu for dessert.
We stayed up entirely WAY TO late...we needed to soak up as much time with them as we could because they were leaving Sunday morning. I hate that we didn't get any pictures of us all together...shame!
They left after breakfast on Sunday. Amelia kept asking when they would "be back to my house". We went to church and after a quick lunch, we headed to the pool. Barrett has been having some rough nights so he slept for the most of our pool fun. Hurry up teeth...you're making our little man miserable. 
Amelia got to use her Puddle Jumper with her Daddy! She usually plays in the kiddie pool, which is about 10 inches deep, so she rarely wears her Puddle Jumper. By the end of the day, she was going under and swimming without her Daddy holding on to her. She is such a little fish!!
We hated to see them leave but it was great to have them here! Morning and afternoon walks were filled with better conversations, preparing breakfasts and dinners were more fun and our house was filled with a lot more love! Having family in town makes our weekends SO much better!

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