Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend With Thomas The Train

Saturday was a highly anticipated day in the Conway house..our day at the railway with Thomas the Train had finally arrived.
The Strasburg railway is about 40 miles from Hershey and they always have fun railway activities for the kids. Since Amelia has been nervous with the train that passes our house multiple times a day, we thought that this might help her feel more comfortable when she hears that train whistle. 
The kids were so excited to see all the fun games and activities throughout the station.
Amelia loved the cranky cars...she was so good at speeding around that track!
We had the second train ride of the day--I was second guessing myself when we had to get on the road earlier than we would have liked for a Saturday but realized that we got to spend so much more time exploring without having too many people around.
Barrett loved people watching...the little orange train was one of his favorites because it had a bell on the front! We watched other trains pass until we saw our train coming!  Eeekk!!
Thomas had a high pitched whistle that took Amelia off guard but quickly realized that there was nothing to be scared of...he wasn't getting off his track!
The train ride took us through some farm country...the kids loved sitting and looking out the open windows.
We finished our train ride and headed to see Sir Topham Hatt. Amelia was pretty set on meeting him! We weren't sure how the kids would act but they both loved him. Amelia carried on a conversation with him, gave him a high five and then told him bye.
I love the above picture...they are both checking him out. HA!
We had such a fun day at the railway...the day with Thomas couldn't have been any better! I'm praying that Amelia quickly understands that trains aren't things to be scared around!
A perfect day for a family weekend...looking forward to many more summer weekends with the family!

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