Thursday, July 24, 2014

All About Amelia

She can count to 10 with a little bit of help. She can usually make it to 4, someone needs to help her with 5,6,7 and then she can finish up to 10.

She LOVES to swim. She has a Puddle Jumper, life preserver, that she feels so comfortable in and it has helped her get comfortable in the water. She is now comfortable jumping off the side of the pool and going under--so amazing to watch her courage grow with each jump!
She folds her hands, bows her head and peaks out of the corner of her eye when we pray.

Her smile is amazing! She has the best smile and can melt anyone's heart when she says "I love you too"
She loves to craft--paint, color, cut, design! I'm always scanning the craft store ads because I try to stock up on fun craft things for her.

She is a little obsessed with "Hulyan Maya" on YouTube. It's a family that is crazy about Thomas the Train and she could spend all day watching their uploaded videos. It's so cute to hear her say Hoo-lee-ann and Maya

Cho, Apple and Gabby are Amelia's sweet babies. She loves them and is such a good mommy to them. I think she sleeps with at least one of them each night. She also sleeps with her blue (boo) blankie every night too. If the blanket goes into the washer, we have a cranky/upset little girl. She needs to know where her blanket is at. all. times.
She is an independent, determined, adventurous little girl. She loves to try new things and is so proud of herself when she is successful.

She loves to be praised and cheered on and will often showcase a new trick over and over again so she can be cheered for. For example--we are teaching Barrett to turn around to go down the stairs. When he does it correctly, we cheer. She will then go to the stairs, turn around, go down the stairs like we instructed him and then wait to be cheered for.
She requests chocolate milk and snuggles the second her eyes open for the day.

She has a great vocabulary and has recently added a new "adult" word. So upset at myself (because she said she heard it from Mommy) but we both know that some words are not appropriate so we are working on becoming better. 
Amelia's hair is growing in thick and curly but we are still working on length. Bow, headbands and pony tails are ripped out almost immediately after being put in but at least she lets me put them in. We use a lot of spray in conditioner and bedhead is a serious issue in the Conway house with our girl.
She prefers soft, cotton shorts over jean shorts. "too tight" is a line that is used anytime we try to dress her. Dresses aren't the best for her because when she gets nervous she pulls up the bottom and chews on it....not good.

Our sweet Amelia Jean brings our family so much energy, excitement and joy. She is a pretty amazing little girl!

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