Monday, June 30, 2014

All About Barrett

Today is a post all about the littlest Conway...Barrett Albert!
Today Barrett has been in our arms longer than he was in my belly...such a fun milestone to meet! 
When we found out we were pregnant, we had no idea what an extra addition would be like. I love experiencing motherhood with such a sweet little Conway boy!
Little did we know the fun that our little man would bring to our family...he is the perfect puzzle piece to the Conway puzzle!
I would describe Barrett has a smiley, adventurous, determined, loving, rough little boy. His smile lights up a room. His teeth are now shining through when he smiles (just another sign of him getting older) and I love how his eyes twinkle when he laughs and smiles. 
He has the sweetest little dimple on the right side of his mouth when he makes a "hoot" noise. By the way, the "hoooo" noise is his favorite way to communicate. He can say some words but he prefers to talk like an owl.
His snuggles are the sweetest! He rarely sits on my lap without squirming so to get some good sleepy snuggles with Bear are priceless. I love having him drool all on my shoulder and rest his little hand on my chest. Makes life just a little sweeter!
The book basket is one of his favorite places in the house--he also enjoys getting under the side table in the living room. His favorite books at the moment are Little Feet Like and Elmo's Boo Boo Book. He will search the books out (ie. throw out all the other books). I love how he knows what he wants and he does whatever it takes to get what he wants. One day he will learn that those choices come with consequences (ie. clean up time) but for now, he's learning.
He loves to take walks and be outdoors, especially when he gets to go in the single stroller all. by. himself. He loves to hold on, sit up and watch the houses and cars pass us by on our early morning walks. Also..he does not like to be strapped in and can throw one heck of a fit when he realizes that I'm hooking him in the stroller. 
He loves to stretch out and cross his little feet when he takes a bottle. He has even started to cross his feet when he sits up and plays in the floor. I love seeing his legs all stretched sweet!
Our sweet 9 month old is fascinated with making noise, pulling hair, chasing the pups around the house and giving the best slobbery kisses! Our little Bear is all boy, all the time, and he is all ours!!

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