Monday, July 7, 2014

Fourth Of July Weekend

Let me just start off by saying that this weekend was AWESOME! We were able to spend three days work, no pagers!

We started out Friday morning just like any other morning...on a walk! Barrett fell asleep on his sister. I LOVE seeing these two together. That afternoon we headed to a friends house for a BBQ lunch, some fun in the pool and some fireworks. Amy and Alex have four children--the older boys played with Amelia and the little girl is only two weeks older than Barrett.
Amelia loved running around, riding bikes, chasing chickens and whatever it took to keep up with the boys. I wish I would have taken more pictures but we were too busy enjoying each others company!
After lunch and the pool, we decided to do some fireworks. Amelia was a little shy in the beginning but quickly warmed up to the idea...
We finished out the afternoon with a package of smoke bombs, sparklers and confetti poppers. We left there house shortly after 3:00pm--about 2 hours past nap time--and we all went home and crashed until dinner time!
We ate dinner and then went outside to do more sparklers. It's amazing how much prettier they are in the dark. HA!
Amelia wasn't a fan of fireworks at night because that meant that we were outside with loud fireworks. Maybe next year she will enjoy looking watching fireworks!
We were going to put the kids to bed and then go and watch fireworks in Hershey but decided to stay home and enjoy our neighbors fireworks instead of fighting traffic.
Saturday morning, we tried out a new walking trail by the house. We love to get out and explore so this was the perfect thing for our Saturday morning!
We spent the afternoon getting ready for dinner--we had dinner with Jordan. Jordan is a girl that works on my team and she just moved here from Ohio. She needed a night at the Conway house, for sure!
We enjoyed dinner, some sidewalk chalk, some poppers and then it was time to get ready for bed. Barrett went to sleep so easily but Amelia was wired from our visit with Jordan. We collected some rocks from our nature walk so we painted them out on the back porch. 
We love to craft (Amelia and Mommy) so I love bonding over special moments like this one! My little girl is morphing in front of my eyes and I want to cherish these sweet moments!
A great night in my book!!
Sunday started out a little slow--we played with a lot of toys/blocks before church. Amelia was so proud of her castle and her animals from her ark.
We left church and made a beeline for the pool. We knew that we wanted to get to the pool before kids LOVE the water!
The pool is so much fun and the kids play so hard that the second they get in the car, they are asleep. We successfully moved them upstairs and we all got a nice 2 hour nap! The perfect ending to a three day weekend.
We woke up and realized it was dinner time and we hadn't defrosted any meat to cook. I had no plans or ideas for dinner so we went with our default...dinosaur chicken nuggets.
You know you've had a fun filled family weekend when Sunday dinner consists of dinosaur chicken nuggets!
We have a 4 day work week and then we will be on our yearly Conway vacation. We're excited to see our family from California, Alaska, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

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