Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Girls Night Out

Last night Jason kept Barrett and we had a girls night out. Nannie, Amelia and myself all loaded up in the car, after I got home from work, to go and enjoy a night with the girls.
Our first stop was the library. Amelia and Barrett go to Toddler time at the library every week but she's never been able to get any books. She, up to that point, hadn't been able to get books because she didn't have a library card. The library needed a couple forms of identification so I needed to be there to help her get her card.
She got a pink library card, specifically for Amelia Jean Conway, and we headed to the book section. She ended up walking out with 5 new books to read and the joy on her face was priceless. She was so proud of her books and the fact that she had a library card that allowed her to get them!
We left the library and headed to the closest nail salon. For Christmas, we were gifted with a pedicure from Santa and we've been holding on to it. This week seemed like the perfect time to cash it in (vacation starts on Friday)!

We all picked our color when we first walked in and then we headed back to the pedicure chairs. Amelia went with a crazy purple that changes color in sunlight, Mom went with red and I went with a watermelon color.
They didn't have any kid sized pedicure chairs so she sat with me. She LOVED soaking her feet in the tub. Once my feet were done and resting, she started doing Amelia's feet. It was so cute to see Amelia get excited over the pampering.
We read some books and magazines while we waited for our toes to dry and then we decided to drive through town and past a frozen yogurt place, Sweet Dawg, for a treat. We couldn't pass frozen yogurt and not stop...could we?!
Vanilla with sprinkles was Amelia's choice and mom and I shared vanilla with pound cake, fresh berries, coconut and honey. YUM!

We enjoyed a great girls night out...I love these special moments with my girl!
We have books for our drive and our toes are painted...we are ready for vacation!! 

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