Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mom Club

Yesterday after work, I had a hair appointment. I haven't been to the salon in so long so it was a much needed appointment! 
I knew that I wanted something light, fun and summery. When asked what I wanted, I replied, "Something different. You have control but keep the length in between my chin and my shoulders." I probably should have went in with some sort of idea of expectation but I usually get disappointed when I don't leave the salon looking like Jennifer Aniston, so I opted to let her do her job.
She loved having the freedom to get creative and I absolutely LOVE the end result.
I'm going to really have to work to get it all up in ponytail...I might be rocking the half ponytail during workouts for awhile. 
I'm hoping that I can style it and fix it like she did...fingers crossed!
After two and a half years, I can finally say (thanks to my new haircut) that I'm in the mom club and I have the mom cut to prove it!

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