Monday, July 21, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Ten

Now that we've made it to the double digit months, I think I'll go sit in the corner and cry. You're growing too fast and as much as I love watching you grow and develop, I miss my baby boy. 
You're starting to really develop a personality. You know what you like (your sister, your puppies, being outside, Mommy) and you know what you don't like (diaper changes, getting dressed, getting strapped in your car seat). 
Your smile and squished up little nose can still light up any room! 
I'm so thankful for you!

Here are some special highlights for your TENTH month:

Weight: 21.6 pounds (61%)
Height: 28.6 inches (59%)
Clothing Size:You're pretty much in 12 month clothing. You still have a few 9 month outfits but the comfortable ones are 12 months! You HATE getting dressed. We have to get you dressed in stages--shirt on and then you get a break, then your pants followed by another break.
Diapers: Size 4 Target brand
Feeding: You eat 4 ounce bottles, 4 times a day (5am, 10am, 1pm, 6:30/7:00pm). Sometimes you drink an extra bottle but we're trying to limit your bottles so you're easier to wean off bottles than your sister. You eat anything but your favorites that you tried this month are jello, pickles, bagel/cream cheese. We've also started working with you so you can start drinking out of a straw. You love to drink out of a straw when we hold our finger on one's your favorite way to drink right now! 
Sleep: You go to sleep around 7/7:30pm and you sleep all night. You're usually up by 4:30am for a bottle and then you go back to sleep until 6am. Some nights are better than others but you're a pretty good little sleeper.
You take a morning nap (40 minutes) around 10am and then you take an afternoon nap (2 hours) around 1pm. You're the lightest sleeper and if the fan isn't turned on, you are easily stirred awake.

-Your 6th tooth popped through (to the right of your middle right tooth) on June 22, 2014
-You started signing "more" on June 28, 2014. When you sign and you get what you requested, you clap and cheer for yourself.  You're so adorable!!
-You started standing with no support this month. Your first time was on Sunday, June 29, 2014.
-Started giving "high 5s" when we ask you for one
-You've become a serious Mama's boy this month!
-You love to speed crawl towards the dog's food bowl, the gate at the stairs when you hear someone coming up them, Amelia's room when she wakes up and the open back door.
-You love to go for walks and you usually end up falling asleep before we make it back home.
-Took four steps on July 10, 2014. You took your first step on July 10th and by the evening you were taking multiple steps. You want to walk just about everywhere!
-You are babbling like crazy.  Mama, Dada, Nann, Hooo and a lot other mixture of noises are part of your daily vocabulary.
-You love to wrestle and play with your sister. You love to chase after her when she is busy running all through the house.
-You're starting to get hard to's some evidence.

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