Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Potty Training Special Reward!

Amelia has been doing so great with potty training. I would say that she is successfully trained with #1, with a few setbacks with going #2. She still will request a diaper with #2..sometimes she talks herself into the using the potty and sometimes she is stubborn and gets a diaper.
As a result of no accidents in WEEKS...we ran an errand to get her something super special. We knew we wanted to get her something for her awesome potty training work AND something that would have her enjoy her room a little bit more. She has been in a toddler bed for months now but just recently she figured out that she doesn't have to stay in her bed. Many early mornings (2am, 3am, 4am), she comes into our room and it has made for some sleepy parents!
Well...when I got home from work last night and learned that my big girl had another day accident free AND she went #2 on the potty, we made a trip to Target. She wanted a blanket and a pillow (after we suggested it...we are hoping that it helps keep her in her room longer) so we headed straight to the bedding section.
There were so many fun selections but the top three contenders were Elmo, Thomas the Train and Ariel. It was her special reward so I kept my ideas and thoughts to myself, which was really really difficult.
She ended up choosing Ariel sheets and a blanket and she was so proud! She was beaming when she told the check out lady at Target that she got the blanket because she had "no akidents". Once we made it to the car, we had to immediately open her blanket in the car and then the second we got home, she ran up the stairs to show off her new room accessories. She was running, babbling, clapping, cheering and acting all sorts of crazy with her new blanket!
When it came time for bed, she wanted to lay with all her babies...they were laying on one of the Ariel sheets on the floor. How cute is this picture?!  She literally got out all of her blankets, situated her babies, kissed them all and then went to sleep. She's going to be one amazing mama!!
I'm so proud of Amelia and her hard work and I want her to know that her hard work isn't going unnoticed. Great job, little lady!! 

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