Saturday, July 26, 2014


  • We entered to win a free 4-day cruise to the Bahamas during a festival and we were called last week to notify us that we had won. We were hesitant calling the number back (scam alert?) but found out that we have to pay the taxes but they will pay for the trip, as long as we sit and listen to their lecture for an hour. Still deciding if it's a good idea or not....
  • I went to my first painting class this week. The painting was titled "Strut your stuff" and it was a colorful background with a peacock. My painting turned out a little picasso-y but I think it will be a great addition to my office! 
  •   With vacation season in full swing, the kids haven't been at Ms. Bs. Today was their first day in a few weeks and they were so excited. Next week Ms. B will be on vacation so they will miss next week too. They love school and their friends!
  • The weather here has been cooling down a little bit so we've been trying to enjoy our early morning walks and our pool/sprinkler time as much as we can. Fall/winter will be here before we know it!
  • Jason has an anesthesia conference in New Orleans in October and I'm dying to hear from my supervisor if I have been given permission to take a few days off (it's close to a class start and it's a little intense during that time). I am so excited because we would have a few days away, in Louisiana and I might be able to see Megan and Camille. If you two are reading this, then get excited. 
  • I've been searching for apartments in Ohio and we've found a few that we really like. We'll be taking a weekend trip to Ohio to look at them and to see which one we could live in for a year. 
  • We'll be going to the orchard this week to pick some peaches and some blueberries...YUM!

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