Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vacation: Part 1

Friday, July 11th, at 7:30am, we started our summer vacation!!  We squished our family of four (plus Nannie) in our car with a week's worth of clothes and goodies for the 5 hour drive to Shenango Valley RV Park. Our family was meeting up with the other Conway family members from Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and Alaska.
Jason worked 24 hours and got home at 7am on Friday--he showered and we loaded up the car. He planned on sleeping on the drive so when we arrived, he would be ready to play!
Have I mentioned how my children HATE car rides?!  I'm not sure he slept for more than an hour the entire trip but he was such a good team player.
I packed play dough, books, crayons, a DVD player, the iPad, snacks, bottles and a few other things that I was hoping the kids would enjoy but realized that singing songs and playing "I Spy" were their favorites!
We arrived at the RV park a little after lunch time (we had multiple stops in the beginning) and as soon as we saw the cabins, we were so excited for the week ahead.
Two little cabins were tucked away in the back corner of the park, perfectly situated by the pool and the playground. They were the perfect combination of rustic and country!
The first night we stayed in Black Bear cabin because we were originally going to stay with Chip and Sue but after a rough night with the kids, we decided that the smaller cabin would make more sense. Andrew and Holly, along with Chip, Sue and Tim weren't scheduled to arrive until Saturday afternoon so we had the evening to explore the area and move over all of the food and our clothes to the other cabin.
The first thing on our list was the pool!  If you look in the background of the picture below you can see the playground. We literally went from pool, to playground and then back to the pool. HA!
Amelia couldn't get in her swimsuit fast enough...she has really loved the pool this summer. We enjoyed a little bit of time in the pool, a few trips down the slide and a quick dinner before bed.
We were all pretty tired from the drive and we were all excited for the upcoming week and we wanted to be well-rested for upcoming activities!
We woke up the next day, headed to the pool and as we were enjoying lunch, the Conway family from Alaska arrived. Andrew, Holly, Lance and Lexie had a little bit of a delay from their flight but after some long travel days, they finally arrived. Amelia was shy at first but quickly warmed up to her cousins. They started searching for worms, frogs and bugs.
Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Tim arrived later in the afternoon and Amelia was quick to show off all the crawly creatures that they had caught.
The next couple of days were filled with a lot of swimming, family time, grilling and cousin fun!

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