Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vacation: Part 2

The second half of the week was great but it was different than the first couple of days. The polar vortex decided to make it's presence known and we had to alter our plans.
We spent some warm mornings at the pool but most of our days were spent around a warm fire, bundled up in jackets and exploring the area around the campsite.
Pymatuning Deer Park was one of our fun adventures. The deer park was about 20 minutes from the campsite and it was a walk-through animal park where the kids (and adults) could feed the animals, have pony rides and get up and close with a few exotic animals.
Amelia really surprised us during this outing. She wasn't too fond of feeding the animals but she took her first pony ride, rode the train with her cousins and fed birds from a large stick. I think it helped that her older cousins weren't afraid to try things so she wasn't going to be afraid either.
One evening before we left, we were able to get a lot of the Conway family together. We are missing about 8 people but it was hard to get a picture with everyone...our visiting times were a little scattered out.
The last few days were filled with more cousin fun, campfires, sparklers and anything else we could do.
We made our drive back home after breakfast on Friday morning. We were dreading the drive since the drive to vacation didn't go as planned but the kids were so exhausted from the week that this is what they did most of the drive...
We made it home around 4pm on Friday--just in time for dinner, some serious unpacking and bed.
Vacation was a lot of fun! It was so much fun to see the family and to be able to have the kids play together. We usually are only able to get together once a year because we are all so spread out and our vacation times are so sporadic but I'm so happy that we were able to make it happen this year. It was so much fun watching the kids interact with their family that they don't get to see that often.
Already looking forward to the next vacation...

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