Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans!

Thursday and Friday the kids went to Ms. B's because we both had to work. We (myself and the kids--Jason was up and gone before they woke for the day) managed to make it through our morning routine without too many tears, arrived at Ms. B's on time and was able to get to work with minutes to spare. I learned that preparation is key! We laid out our clothes, planned breakfast, packed our lunches and loaded the car with all the necessities before we headed to bed for the night.
I was able to get off work, on time, both days so I could pick the kids up before Ms. B closed up.

Friday evening, we picked the kids up and then met a lot of the anesthesia residents at Troeg's Brewery. The brewery is in a huge warehouse and it's loud so we didn't feel like the kids had to be quiet during dinner. A lot of the new residents were there...it was nice to get to know them outside of the hospital. We finished at Troeg's around 6:30pm and we headed home to start the bedtime routine. Since it was a Friday night (bunking party night), Daddy took Amelia downstairs with some snacks and a movie and I rocked and snuggled my little boy.

Saturday morning we had some errands and some house chores that we needed to take care of but as soon as they were finished, we loaded up and went to the pool. One of our friends allows us to use her pool pass so we are at the pool all the time! Amelia begs to go to the pool...like within an hour of waking up she asks if the sun is coming out and if we can go tot he pool.
Amelia loves to swim in the big pool with her puddle jumper so we aired up a floatie for Barrett so he could join in on the fun.
Notice the clouds in the background and all the empty chairs. The weather wasn't the greatest so we toughed out the cold water and the dark clouds for about an hour before we decided that it wasn't the best day for the pool.
We always make sure to change the kids out of their wet clothes before we drive home because they are asleep before we even get a mile down the road. Amelia was hogging Barrett's cheese puffs and she fell asleep with her hand in the tin.
We all got a good nap (3 hours) and then it was time for some more playtime, dinner, an afternoon walk and then our bedtime routine. Our first full day (without going to work) as a family of four was a success!!

Sunday morning, we were all moving a little slower and we all seemed a little bit grumpier than Saturday. We talked about going to church but the kids have been crying in nursery and we've been sitting out in the foyer with them so we decided to pass on church this week. We knew if we didn't get outside immediately, then our day was going to be long and painful. 
Jason wanted to wash the car and the whole family got in on the action.
Eventually the car washing turned into playtime for the kids. Barrett loved crawling around on the grass and Amelia loved hosing down herself and anything else that she could spray.
We went to the pool again, after we finished with our car, and then had a repeat of Saturday. Both the kids were asleep in the car before we even got out of the driveway. I snuggled with Barrett during nap time and enjoyed every second of it!!
Later that evening we enjoyed dinner, played outside and then took care of the vegetable garden. Something ate our pumpkin plant leaves so we've been checking on our potted plants a lot more than usual. We harvested our first tomato and yellow squash (not pictured). Jason got a blurry picture of us with the tomato...Amelia was so proud. She made me put it on the counter because she was saving it for Nannie.
We were excited to go to bed on Sunday because we knew that Nannie was coming back to Pennsylvania on Monday afternoon!

I worked from home on Monday because I couldn't take the kids to Ms. B's--we enjoyed a walk, some laundry, some yummy breakfast, a little bit of time at the pool before we picked Nannie up from the airport.

We had such a great time with our little family over the past five days!  We felt stronger as a family and empowered to tackle some challenging situations (ie. dinner with both the kids, pool days, etc). We have one heck of a special family and I'm so thankful for our time together!!

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