Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grumpy Cat

After a great Saturday evening and an awesome church service, something triggered and a few family members (cough *cough Myself and Jason) had facial expressions that resembled Mr. Grumpy Cat.
I'm not even sure what set us off but once we allowed the frown on our face, it didn't want to leave. Now that it Wednesday, we laugh at ourselves and our poor attitudes.
Do any of you ever get in a mood and you don't really know why? or you don't know how to pull yourselves out of it?

I need some tips on how you prevent yourself from walking around like Grumpy Cat...I'll pass them along to my hubby too!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Keeping Life Interesting

Barrett has had a rash that started on his back for about two weeks. It didn't seem to bother him so we weren't really concerned, until yesterday.
He went to school yesterday and when he came home, the rash had spread to his face, his ears, his head and it was covering his body.
He also developed a nasty diaper rash throughout the day too and we weren't sure if the rash was the culprit. It was so bad he cried when he had to sit was so pitiful!
We decided to schedule him an appointment.
I called the doctor's office and we were able to get him a 7:30pm appointment in the after-hours clinic.
Jason made it home by 7:00pm so I could leave Amelia with him while Barrett had his appointment.
The doctor took one look at him and knew exactly what he had. Bear had a viral rash, pityriasis rosea, and it will go away on it's own. It could take up to two months for it to clear but no medication is needed!!
What's up with my kids and their crazy viral rashes?!
The diaper rash was a different situation. Barrett had developed a full blown yeast infection that started and grew into a nasty monster in a 10 hour window and that needed some medication.

Hopefully we're on the right track to getting our little man feeling better! Nothing like a late night at the doctor's office...we like to keep life interesting in our household!

*Update: Barrett's diaper rash is healing so nicely. The medicine really helped after one night and he was getting back to his old self this morning. I love my boy's sweet smile!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mt. Gretna

This weekend was the annual resident gathering for the anesthesia department and since Jason wasn't on call (he was the last two years), we decided that we would go and socialize with his co-workers and their families.
Mt. Gretna reminded me so much of my hometown. We were in the mountains, away from the hustle of everyday life and it was WONDERFUL!
The festivities weren't scheduled to begin until that evening. We arrived a little early (4:30pm) so we could explore before all the scheduled fun. Amelia and Barrett loved, Loved, LOVED walking along the grounds and playing with everything they had to offer. 
 Last time I checked it was still summer but this weekend through us for a loop. Fall weather blew in the area and we had to bundle up for most of the evening.
Amelia took her first canoe ride. Barrett stayed on the shore with Nannie because we were nervous that we might flip. It has been TOO long since we've been in a canoe and the thought of flipping into the cold water was enough for us to leave him on the sidelines.
We enjoyed a yummy dinner, met the first year residents and their families and then started playing some competitive sports. They split the teams up between the CRNAs, 1st/2nd year residents and 3rd/4th year residents. Canoe races and sand volleyball were on the agenda. Two flipped canoes and an intense upper body workout, the 3rd/4th year residents pulled through on the canoe race.
We stood on the sidelines and cheered on Jason and his team. So much fun!
The volleyball game was a little more even. I think each team won a game so the bragging rights were a little more spread out.

Both kids did great at Mt. Gretna, regardless of the time. We were hesitant to go because they have a set bedtime but I love that we went and they did great. Not a peep from either of them the whole night. Such a fun family night...I'm so thankful for this time together!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Monthly Photo Shoot: Month Eleven

Eleven months and this little man was full blown walking and he would even occasionally pick up his feet a little to run. We headed to a walking trail down by our house. He can walk but uneven surfaces result in him crawling or constantly falling. 
How handsome does my little man look?!

Amelia got a few pictures, as well. She usually requests Danielle to take some pictures of her during the shoot. Water and Baby Apple were involved in some pictures and our little lady was adorable with her different props.

 Eleven months of pictures with the Conway cuties and I'm so blessed to have these two little ones!

More Snippets From Our World

**I got this email from our church and couldn't help but smile. Our big girl has been promoted to a preschool Sunday school class. I'm so excited for Amelia and all that she will learn in her new class!
**This week I was given my mouth guard that I was fitted for to help with my grinding while I sleep and my clinched jaw while I'm awake. I slept in it two nights and then noticed that my teeth were aching when I removed the guard so I have an appointment scheduled so I can get it fixed.

**Barrett's birthday invitations have been mailed out and his birthday shirt has been ordered. We'll be ordering his cake this weekend and I'm searching for some cute decorations. We're excited to celebrate our little man with our friends and family!
**This weekend is a resident get-together at an outdoor lake/adventure place. Since Jason is co-chief of the anesthesiology department, he has been working hard to encourage residents to attend. It's in the evening and it's about an hour away so I'm hoping the kids are good (it's going to be after their bed time)

**Our niece and nephews started school this month and their back to school pictures make us miss them even more. How is it even possible that it's back to school time already?!?!

**We've started purging some of our toys, clothes and unnecessary items that we've accumulated over the years. Moving is rough but moving with crap that we don't need is really rough! I know we have time but with two birthdays and Christmas on the horizon, we really need to get rid of things now.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Most of our mornings are spent reading books in our pajamas....
 Playing dress up in twirly dresses, practicing our twirls until we fall down....
Taking walks around the neighborhood and waving to the neighbors and the cars that go by.
Mornings in the Conway house are NEVER boring! Some mornings we are lazy, some mornings we are productive but we always start the day with new adventures!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amelia Says...

Amelia is saying some hysterical things right now. Sometimes she says the craziest things that leave us laughing hysterically and wondering where she heard certain statements. She is definitely saying some things that make her seem so much older than she really is!

Anytime we say something that she can't believe to be true she says:  No way, Hosee (No way, Jose)

When it's almost bedtime, she will say: Can you lay down by me, read books and hold hands? 
---we hold hands in the dark after we've read books and decided that it's bed time.

When we try to put Amelia in any clothes that aren't soft, flexible cotton (ie. jean shorts) she says: Too tight! Dees clothes are too tight! 

Amelia uses little phrases throughout the day: Holy cow; Oh Shoot (sometimes another word); Oh Gosh!

When the word "happy" is used in a sentence, regardless of context, Amelia responds with: Don't Worry, Be Happy

We really try to teach her manners and here lately she will use her manners without us prompting her. She will often say Thank you, berry much because thank you isn't enough. HA!

When I try to get her to take a picture, she will say: 1,2,3 Cheeeeesssseeeee, while she proceeds to grin up at the sky.

Every morning before work I go to the bathroom and put on my makeup. I try to sneak in there because Amelia LOVES to put on makeup too. Most mornings I get caught sneaking...Mom, I need to do my makeup too. Daddy needs to fink I'm pwetty too. 

The state of Pennsylvania is ALWAYS doing some sort of road work, ALWAYS. Well, this summer they chose our town to work on. The roads have been dug up and we've waited in construction lines anytime we've left our house. Amelia always says,  Cayful Mommy, it's a mean road. It's a real mean road. By mean, she means bumpy. HA

Ask Amelia where she lives, she'll say Pennsyltown. It's a mixture of Pennsylvania and our town, Hummelstown.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Eleven

How is it possible that you are one month shy of a year old?  You're growing and discovering new things every day. It's such a fun journey with love learning, exploring and making messes. 
You are the perfect piece to our puzzle and we are so blessed to call you our "Bear". 

Love you to the moon, sweet boy. 
Mommy and Daddy
Here are some special highlights for your ELEVENTH month:

Weight: 22.8 pounds (58%)
Height: 29.1 inches (51%)

Clothing Size: You're exclusively in 12 month clothes but I think we could start pulling out some 18 month pajamas.
Diapers: Size 4 Target brand
Feeding: We started working with you eating with a spoon. You love to feel different textures so the spoon usually gets thrown down and you work the yogurt, toast, oatmeal through your hands. You pretty much have to get a mini bath in the kitchen sink after the meals where you practice eating with a spoon. You still get bottles throughout the day but we've made a game plan to try and decrease the number of bottles so when you turn one, we can wean you. You're pretty attached to your bottles so we'll see how that goes.
Sleep: We start your bed time routine around 6:30pm and you're ready for a bottle and bed by 7:30pm. Some nights we try to hold you off but you beg to go to sleep. You sleep from 7:30pm and you're up anywhere from 4:30am to 6:30am. Once you wake up, you drink another bottle and you sleep in Nannie's arms until the rest of the house wakes up, which is usually 6:30am.
- You are a full blown walker. You still crawl sometimes but you're definitely on your feet more than your knees.
-You love to share your food with others, especially when you can shove the piece of food in their mouth. You think it's hysterical.
-You are getting used to wearing shoes. With fall/winter approaching, you need to get familiar with them.
-You are in to EVERYTHING! Your personality is full of adventure, mischief, sweet kisses and messes. You keep us on our toes!
-You have started really interacting during play time. You love to be chased down the hall. You yell and run (walk fast) while we chase you. When we turn around, you chase us back. So sweet to have this play time with you.
-Said "baba" when asking for a bottle on August 6, 2014
-You love books, bath time, weekly library visits,climbing in places that you shouldn't and music.
-Still signing "more" and you've started doing it on command.
-You've started listening to commands and you've been able to comprehend and act them out.
-You started signing "finished" when you want out of the bath or out of your high chair. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


Our weekend looked a little something like this...
Eating breakfast while wearing a bike helmet and reading a magazine.
 Soaking up the last weeks of summer in an Elmo onesie.
 Getting life lessons at the water table from an older sister who loves the Steelers and ponytails.
Riding bikes WAY too early because Mommy and Amelia couldn't wait to get the bike trailer on the road.  Daddy described us as "kids on Christmas morning"
Loving every second of our free weekends together. 
Autumn is bringing in cool evenings and even cooler mornings so we know our summer days are limited.
We are really trying to enjoy the last few warm weeks/weekends ahead before the colder weather comes to stay.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lake Tobias: 2014

This past weekend we enjoyed our yearly tradition at Lake Tobias. As we were getting out of the car, we realized that this could be the last time that we visit Lake Tobias for awhile, if not for ever.
Last time we came, I was pregnant with Barrett so it was fun to have my sweet boy in my arms this time! The safari was so much more enjoyable watching two little Conways getting excited over the animals.
 Amelia loved the animals but she preferred to look at them from a distance. She didn't want to feed them from her hand...she preferred the tear and throw method.
Barrett on the other hand, was all about the animals. I had to hold on to him extra tight because he loved leaning over the jeep and looking at all the animals. He got up close and personal with a Texas Longhorn and LOVED every second of it!
Once the safari was over, we walked through the wildlife park to see the other animals. The kids were due for a nap so they just relaxed in their stroller while the adults fed all the animals.
We always have such a great time at Lake Tobias and this time was no different. The different playgrounds, the fun picnic area, the animals, the tour and the atmosphere makes for a great day with the family.
We love creating these special traditions and moments with the family!