Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amelia Says...

Amelia is saying some hysterical things right now. Sometimes she says the craziest things that leave us laughing hysterically and wondering where she heard certain statements. She is definitely saying some things that make her seem so much older than she really is!

Anytime we say something that she can't believe to be true she says:  No way, Hosee (No way, Jose)

When it's almost bedtime, she will say: Can you lay down by me, read books and hold hands? 
---we hold hands in the dark after we've read books and decided that it's bed time.

When we try to put Amelia in any clothes that aren't soft, flexible cotton (ie. jean shorts) she says: Too tight! Dees clothes are too tight! 

Amelia uses little phrases throughout the day: Holy cow; Oh Shoot (sometimes another word); Oh Gosh!

When the word "happy" is used in a sentence, regardless of context, Amelia responds with: Don't Worry, Be Happy

We really try to teach her manners and here lately she will use her manners without us prompting her. She will often say Thank you, berry much because thank you isn't enough. HA!

When I try to get her to take a picture, she will say: 1,2,3 Cheeeeesssseeeee, while she proceeds to grin up at the sky.

Every morning before work I go to the bathroom and put on my makeup. I try to sneak in there because Amelia LOVES to put on makeup too. Most mornings I get caught sneaking...Mom, I need to do my makeup too. Daddy needs to fink I'm pwetty too. 

The state of Pennsylvania is ALWAYS doing some sort of road work, ALWAYS. Well, this summer they chose our town to work on. The roads have been dug up and we've waited in construction lines anytime we've left our house. Amelia always says,  Cayful Mommy, it's a mean road. It's a real mean road. By mean, she means bumpy. HA

Ask Amelia where she lives, she'll say Pennsyltown. It's a mixture of Pennsylvania and our town, Hummelstown.

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