Friday, August 8, 2014

Fuzzy Few Carnival

The Fuzzy Few Organization came about years ago when a few men, with beards, got together to raise awareness for youth in the area. Since their initial work, the organization has grown. They help raise money for youth, families and different charities in the area by offering a carnival.
We couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit the carnival!  The signs hung through the area were too enticing--rides, games and food!
We didn't think Amelia would ride any of the rides but after she rode the airplanes, she was addicted. I'm so glad it was arm band night because she could ride as many rides as she wanted for a set price...we definitely got our money worth!
Barrett was so content to sit in his stroller, watch all the rides and enjoy some snacks. He also wore shoes (we're trying to get him used to them) and walked around in the grass a little bit.
Amelia's favorite ride/attraction was the jumbo slide. She couldn't go alone so I was the lucky one that got to go down it SEVEN times. Who am I kidding?!  I loved screaming down the slide with my little lady!
We stayed at the carnival way past our bedtime, ate too much cotton candy and screamed way too loud BUT we loved every second of it.
I'm so glad that we tried out the little carnival by our house and I'm excited for the bigger fair that we go to every September.

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