Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lake Tobias: 2014

This past weekend we enjoyed our yearly tradition at Lake Tobias. As we were getting out of the car, we realized that this could be the last time that we visit Lake Tobias for awhile, if not for ever.
Last time we came, I was pregnant with Barrett so it was fun to have my sweet boy in my arms this time! The safari was so much more enjoyable watching two little Conways getting excited over the animals.
 Amelia loved the animals but she preferred to look at them from a distance. She didn't want to feed them from her hand...she preferred the tear and throw method.
Barrett on the other hand, was all about the animals. I had to hold on to him extra tight because he loved leaning over the jeep and looking at all the animals. He got up close and personal with a Texas Longhorn and LOVED every second of it!
Once the safari was over, we walked through the wildlife park to see the other animals. The kids were due for a nap so they just relaxed in their stroller while the adults fed all the animals.
We always have such a great time at Lake Tobias and this time was no different. The different playgrounds, the fun picnic area, the animals, the tour and the atmosphere makes for a great day with the family.
We love creating these special traditions and moments with the family!

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