Saturday, August 23, 2014

More Snippets From Our World

**I got this email from our church and couldn't help but smile. Our big girl has been promoted to a preschool Sunday school class. I'm so excited for Amelia and all that she will learn in her new class!
**This week I was given my mouth guard that I was fitted for to help with my grinding while I sleep and my clinched jaw while I'm awake. I slept in it two nights and then noticed that my teeth were aching when I removed the guard so I have an appointment scheduled so I can get it fixed.

**Barrett's birthday invitations have been mailed out and his birthday shirt has been ordered. We'll be ordering his cake this weekend and I'm searching for some cute decorations. We're excited to celebrate our little man with our friends and family!
**This weekend is a resident get-together at an outdoor lake/adventure place. Since Jason is co-chief of the anesthesiology department, he has been working hard to encourage residents to attend. It's in the evening and it's about an hour away so I'm hoping the kids are good (it's going to be after their bed time)

**Our niece and nephews started school this month and their back to school pictures make us miss them even more. How is it even possible that it's back to school time already?!?!

**We've started purging some of our toys, clothes and unnecessary items that we've accumulated over the years. Moving is rough but moving with crap that we don't need is really rough! I know we have time but with two birthdays and Christmas on the horizon, we really need to get rid of things now.

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