Monday, August 25, 2014

Mt. Gretna

This weekend was the annual resident gathering for the anesthesia department and since Jason wasn't on call (he was the last two years), we decided that we would go and socialize with his co-workers and their families.
Mt. Gretna reminded me so much of my hometown. We were in the mountains, away from the hustle of everyday life and it was WONDERFUL!
The festivities weren't scheduled to begin until that evening. We arrived a little early (4:30pm) so we could explore before all the scheduled fun. Amelia and Barrett loved, Loved, LOVED walking along the grounds and playing with everything they had to offer. 
 Last time I checked it was still summer but this weekend through us for a loop. Fall weather blew in the area and we had to bundle up for most of the evening.
Amelia took her first canoe ride. Barrett stayed on the shore with Nannie because we were nervous that we might flip. It has been TOO long since we've been in a canoe and the thought of flipping into the cold water was enough for us to leave him on the sidelines.
We enjoyed a yummy dinner, met the first year residents and their families and then started playing some competitive sports. They split the teams up between the CRNAs, 1st/2nd year residents and 3rd/4th year residents. Canoe races and sand volleyball were on the agenda. Two flipped canoes and an intense upper body workout, the 3rd/4th year residents pulled through on the canoe race.
We stood on the sidelines and cheered on Jason and his team. So much fun!
The volleyball game was a little more even. I think each team won a game so the bragging rights were a little more spread out.

Both kids did great at Mt. Gretna, regardless of the time. We were hesitant to go because they have a set bedtime but I love that we went and they did great. Not a peep from either of them the whole night. Such a fun family night...I'm so thankful for this time together!

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