Monday, August 11, 2014

Sunday Funday

Sunday after church, we grabbed some food and headed to the Caverns. The Caverns seemed like the perfect place to spend our afternoon. The location has a lot of large open spaces, some animals for the kids to pet and feed, a shaded playground and a lot of other fun things for the kids to explore.
We had a picnic, minus the blanket (totally my fault), and enjoyed our $1 menu items from Wendy's. We had all intentions of getting lunch from Subway but since they don't have a drive through, we went with another option.
Once we finished lunch, we went across the grass to the petting zoo area. The animals weren't too active but the kids enjoyed watching them from the other side of the fence.
We literally had to drag Barrett away from the animals. The chickens were so fascinating that he kept walking the fence and following the animals around--so cute!!
The playground was where I realized that I have two toddlers. Barrett might be young, but he is a walking fool. He has no fear and he loves to walk and explore new surroundings, regardless of the terrain. Amelia is now at the age where she wants to get on the playground equipment without help..she just wants you to watch her go down the slides.
Where did my little babies go?!
Once we explored the animals and the playground to their full capacity, we decided to let Amelia (and Bear) mine for jewels. The Caverns sell bags of sand with hidden gemstones and the gemstones are found when all the sand gets washed away.
Amelia loved panning for jewels...
Barrett's version of panning for jewels was a little different...
We had such a fun Sunday exploring the caverns and enjoying the tail end of summer. Jason was on call this trip but we've said that we'll try to go back again this fall when he has some time off.
I love weekend fun with the kids...trying hard to soak up these moments!

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