Tuesday, September 30, 2014


*We attended our second session in our parenting class at church. It was so great, so eye-opening and so interesting to hear other parents struggle with the same things that we do. Looking forward to next week. 
*We've starting weaning Barrett from his acid reflux medicine. We are now down from 5mL to 4mL...praying that we are able to keep lower his dosage.
*Amelia and Jason were fixing on of her toys one day because she got a piece to the screwdriver stuck in one of the screw holes. She loves learning new things...she is so content to be on her daddy's arm.
*We have started to filter out some non-necessities that we have had in our lives over the past few years. We recently cancelled our cable TV (trying to cut back before we move) and we seem to be surviving.
*I did a StrengthsFinder at work and found out that my top 5 strengths are: 1-developer; 2-harmony; 3-positivity; 4-arranger; 5-woo. Pretty eye-opening and accurate. 
*We took the kids, pups included, the other day to a fun walking trail through the woods. I love seeing pups, pudgy cheeks and pigtails in my backseat!
*Lacey's baby shower is the weekend and I'm hosting it with a few other girls. I'm so excited to see all of our ideas come together and to get everyone in the same room to celebrate Baby Funez!
*I've recently became a Goodwill shopper. I was shocked to find some adorable clothes and decorations. I'll definitely be going back! 
*Walks are so much fun when they include a ride on Jason and Amelia's shoulders. Amelia kept saying "Let go, Dad. I'm strong"
*This weekend is one of our most favorite traditions...the Apple Festival. I'm crossing my fingers for good weather. Last year it was 90 degrees outside and we were dying from the heat with a 3 week old. I have a feeling this year will be a little different.
*We're hoping to go to Cleveland in October to look at some apartments. I'm crossing my fingers that we can meet up with Andy and Alissa! 
*We took my sister to a yummy restaurant while she was here and while we love their food, we LOVE that there is a playground in the middle of all the tables. It makes waiting for food a lot easier!
*We started sleep training round 2 with Amelia this week. Little sister loves her freedom that her big bed offers but we aren't a fan of her coming to get us multiple times each night to rub her back until she falls back to sleep. Monday night we made a sleep chart and by Tuesday night, she was sleeping all night and not crying when we left her room. Making progress!
*Halloween costumes are bought and ready to go, Christmas shopping is partially done and we're starting the beginning stages of putting our house on the market.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Major Love

I have major love for these two adorable little rebel roadsters. They make my heart so very happy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Heart

Sometimes when things are hard and life doesn't always go according to the plans that we have laid out, it's easy to get discouraged.
I reflected back today on the things that make my heart happy. I have so much to be thankful for and God has blessed my life so much. I realize how silly I sound when I complain about things because everything I could ever want has been given to me. 

These three are my world. Everything I do, I do for them. I'm so thankful that I have these three in my life, regardless of how crazy and sleep deprived things can be!
Favorite things party with the girls. We got to sample everyone's favorite treats and we each walked away with four new favorite things to try out. I got a Target gift card...my heart was definitely happy.
Screams, laughs and sprints down the hall way before the sun comes up. Character towels are so much fun to play in!
Barrett and his wild and adventurous side. Nothing is safe when our little Bear is in the room. He is constantly exploring and trying to figure out things.
Early morning picnics that consist of pizza, apply juice, fries and anything else that sounds remotely tasty. The things that moms will do just to get their sick little one to eat. Don't judge!
Surprise pictures on my phone. Looks like Apple just celebrated her 12th month of life. Happy Birthday, Apple!
Swing smiles are the best!
The absolute best!
Breaking routine and going to the park instead of taking baths and starting our bedtime routine. Sometime it's healthy to break the routine and to be spontaneous.

Today I will celebrate these things...these things that make my heart happy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Twelve

Happy 1st Birthday, Barrett!
Our lives have been so different since you were born. You bring so much laughter, joy and adventure in your pint sized personality. You're learning so much about your surroundings, what you enjoy, what you don't and how you can use your big blue eyes in your favor. 
We've loved you the second that we laid eyes on you. You are the best little addition to our family and we're so thankful that you are ours to keep...forever! 
Here are some special highlights for your TWELFTH month:

Weight: 23.1 pounds (77%)
Height: 30 inches (53%)
Head Circumference: 46.4 centimeters (60%)
Clothing Size: You're in a mixture of 12-18 month clothes. You've worn your first pair of jeans and you were adorable! You are in a size 4-5 shoe and you don't mind putting them on as much as you did when you first started walking. Finding socks that don't make a huge imprint around your chubby little legs is a different story.
Diapers: Size 4 Target brand
Feeding: You drink a 4 oz. bottle when you wake up and a 4 oz. bottle right before bed. The rest of the day, you eat anything and everything you want. You also love to drink out of any cup that uses a straw. You love grapes, bananas and watermelon. When winter arrives, our fresh produce loving boy is going to be sad.
Sleep: We start your bed time routine around 6:30pm and you're ready for a bottle and bed by 7:30pm. Some nights we try to hold you off but you beg to go to sleep. You sleep from 7:30pm and you're up anywhere from 4:30am to 6:30am. Once you wake up, you drink another bottle and you sleep in Nannie's arms until the rest of the house wakes up, which is usually 6:30am.
-You started drinking out of straws. It is so fun to watch your face when you successfully get something to drink out of a straw.
-You say "Mil" when you are searching for your sister. The second you wake up from bedtime or naptime, you always yell out her name.
-You love to brush your teeth, play in the bathtub or both of them at the same time.
-You are so tough! You are constantly walking into things, bumping your head or falling down and you rarely fuss or cry.
-You started crawling up on things. The couch, the beds, the stairs, boxes...nothing is safe.
-You got your first boo-boo while walking on the sidewalk. You scraped your knee and you didn't even realize that you were even hurt.
--You have started showing love by laying your head down on our shoulders and giving kisses.
-- You started sleeping with a blanket and a lovie.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hershey Park Weekend

On Friday afternoon, I got a wild idea to take the kids to Zoo America. The weather was suppose to be perfect and since we were all home, I figured it would be a great time to get out of the house.
The tickets that we were given were for Hershey Park and for Zoo America so we planned on doing one park on Saturday and one park on Sunday.
Saturday we visited Hershey Park. Our little Hershey miniature had grown to a Hershey kiss in the last year. She was able to ride a few more rides this year than she was able to ride last year and we wanted to get her on the "bigger rides". Barrett is still a miniature but the rides that he went on, an adult had to go with him. We still don't trust him to sit still and not jump out..HA.
Here were pictures from our time there...get ready for picture overload!
We stayed at the park FOUR hours on Saturday and when nap time rolled around, we headed home. The kids didn't want to leave but they were both sound asleep the second they were hooked in their car seats.

On Sunday, we got the kids back out again. Jason was feeling under the weather and he needed some rest without the kids being loud and acting crazy.
We had all intentions to go to Zoo America but the second that Amelia saw the roller coasters, we bailed on our original plan.
I realize Amelia has on the same little jacket. She is obsessed with how soft her pullover sweater is and she wanted to wear it on Sunday too. 
We tried to visit the rides that we didn't get to on Saturday. The monorail, the spinning drums, the train and a few other rides were on the agenda.
We spent another THREE hours there on Sunday and we still didn't get to ride all the fun rides. I think another Hershey Park weekend is in store (maybe when tourist season dwindles down a bit). 
The kids both enjoyed their time at the park and we loved watching them try new things and smiling through their new experiences. 

We are now gearing up for a fun week ahead. We have two special aunts coming in from Missouri and a fun birthday party to throw on Saturday. So excited to see the kids interact with them and to celebrate our little man together!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


These hands belong to a little boy that is going to be ONE tomorrow morning at 5:34am.
Where did the time go?!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cherry Crest Farms

Jason was post-call on Thursday and as a super special surprise, he was given Friday off of work. I decided that I didn't want to miss out on some great family time, so I took some time off to work on my mental health. HA!
We went down the road about 45 minutes to a fun place called Cherry Crest Farms. It's was the best idea...I'm so happy that we went during the week. We pretty much had the place to ourselves, the weather was perfect and they had so much to do and explore.
The first stop for the day was the animals. They had goats, llamas, chickens, pigs, rabbits, ducks and a few other ones. The kids loved running around and peeking into the different sections at the animals. Barrett loved being tall enough, on his tip toes, to peek over the fence.

The jumping pillow and the slides were definitely Amelia's favorite! She loved the huge bouncy pillow...she was actually able to get some pretty good air!
Amelia wasn't tall enough to go down the slide by herself so we took turns walking up this steep hill to the top of the slide. I think we went down the slide 6-7 times and each time we screamed all the way down.
There was also a section full of fun "carnival type" games. Barrett loved playing with all the balls, Amelia loved swinging the hammer and Jason and myself loved getting a little competitive with the different sporting challenges. The weather warmed up a little bit at this point so we ended up changing their outfits.
Our last stop of before we left for the day was the small wagon ride through the corn field. We even managed to get Nannie on the ride.
We had so much fun on the ride...everyone enjoyed the wagon ride and we were all a little bummed when it was over. We were at the farm for FOUR hours! We explored every section of the farm and had such a great time. The kids were sound asleep the second we loaded up in the car...they ran all over that farm.
I love unexpected fun-filled days with the family!