Monday, September 8, 2014

Bedtime memories

We've really been working on Amelia's bedtime routine. I'm not sure if you remember how we were trying to get her in a better routine MONTHS ago but when we moved her from her crib to her toddler bed, we got into some bad habits.. It took us awhile (and we're still not out of the woods) to fix them but I feel like we are on the right path.
Amelia is scared to sleep in her bed because "funder (thunder) happens when I sweep (sleep) in my bed". She prefers to sleep on princess couch which is right beside her bed. Honestly, it bothered me at first. She has such a cute little room and she wants to sleep on her couch, in the floor, but now, I'm just glad that she is sleeping in her room. She was sleeping in her bed but she would wake up every 3-4 hours to have us lay beside her. It was brutal! Some nights we were so tired that we didn't want to go and lay beside her so we just pulled her in our bed. BIG MISTAKE!
As you can see...a lot of mistakes were experienced along the way but we have learned from them and we're trying to fix them!

Here is what our current bedtime routine looks like:
Bath, pjs, brush teeth, potty, books, prayers and songs.
Once she has brushed her teeth and gone potty, she will pick out three books that she wants to read. She goes to the library weekly, so these books are usually her favorite library books. We lay down beside her and we read three books. Some nights she talks us into a few more but usually she's really good with the three. Once we finish reading the books, she turns on her music box, her ceiling light and gets her baby, Apple.
The music box is currently playing #5, "Let it Go"....on repeat. Usually she wants to hold hands until she falls asleep.
When she is asleep, she gets one last kiss and whoever is laying with her will head to bed.
I know this routine at this stage of our life probably sounds crazy (right, Camille?!) and I would have TOTALLY agreed with you a few months ago!
This routine is keeping our little girl in her room all. night. long. so we'll keep doing this routine for a few more weeks until we can try to coax her into her bed.

We have some great conversations during this one-on-one time and as crazy as it sounds, I wouldn't change it! Our girl is growing up so fast and one day she won't want to hold hands, talk and sing Frozen songs before bed but until that day comes, I'm playing the part of Anna! 

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