Monday, September 22, 2014

Hershey Park Weekend

On Friday afternoon, I got a wild idea to take the kids to Zoo America. The weather was suppose to be perfect and since we were all home, I figured it would be a great time to get out of the house.
The tickets that we were given were for Hershey Park and for Zoo America so we planned on doing one park on Saturday and one park on Sunday.
Saturday we visited Hershey Park. Our little Hershey miniature had grown to a Hershey kiss in the last year. She was able to ride a few more rides this year than she was able to ride last year and we wanted to get her on the "bigger rides". Barrett is still a miniature but the rides that he went on, an adult had to go with him. We still don't trust him to sit still and not jump out..HA.
Here were pictures from our time there...get ready for picture overload!
We stayed at the park FOUR hours on Saturday and when nap time rolled around, we headed home. The kids didn't want to leave but they were both sound asleep the second they were hooked in their car seats.

On Sunday, we got the kids back out again. Jason was feeling under the weather and he needed some rest without the kids being loud and acting crazy.
We had all intentions to go to Zoo America but the second that Amelia saw the roller coasters, we bailed on our original plan.
I realize Amelia has on the same little jacket. She is obsessed with how soft her pullover sweater is and she wanted to wear it on Sunday too. 
We tried to visit the rides that we didn't get to on Saturday. The monorail, the spinning drums, the train and a few other rides were on the agenda.
We spent another THREE hours there on Sunday and we still didn't get to ride all the fun rides. I think another Hershey Park weekend is in store (maybe when tourist season dwindles down a bit). 
The kids both enjoyed their time at the park and we loved watching them try new things and smiling through their new experiences. 

We are now gearing up for a fun week ahead. We have two special aunts coming in from Missouri and a fun birthday party to throw on Saturday. So excited to see the kids interact with them and to celebrate our little man together!!

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