Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monthly Updates: Month Twelve

Happy 1st Birthday, Barrett!
Our lives have been so different since you were born. You bring so much laughter, joy and adventure in your pint sized personality. You're learning so much about your surroundings, what you enjoy, what you don't and how you can use your big blue eyes in your favor. 
We've loved you the second that we laid eyes on you. You are the best little addition to our family and we're so thankful that you are ours to keep...forever! 
Here are some special highlights for your TWELFTH month:

Weight: 23.1 pounds (77%)
Height: 30 inches (53%)
Head Circumference: 46.4 centimeters (60%)
Clothing Size: You're in a mixture of 12-18 month clothes. You've worn your first pair of jeans and you were adorable! You are in a size 4-5 shoe and you don't mind putting them on as much as you did when you first started walking. Finding socks that don't make a huge imprint around your chubby little legs is a different story.
Diapers: Size 4 Target brand
Feeding: You drink a 4 oz. bottle when you wake up and a 4 oz. bottle right before bed. The rest of the day, you eat anything and everything you want. You also love to drink out of any cup that uses a straw. You love grapes, bananas and watermelon. When winter arrives, our fresh produce loving boy is going to be sad.
Sleep: We start your bed time routine around 6:30pm and you're ready for a bottle and bed by 7:30pm. Some nights we try to hold you off but you beg to go to sleep. You sleep from 7:30pm and you're up anywhere from 4:30am to 6:30am. Once you wake up, you drink another bottle and you sleep in Nannie's arms until the rest of the house wakes up, which is usually 6:30am.
-You started drinking out of straws. It is so fun to watch your face when you successfully get something to drink out of a straw.
-You say "Mil" when you are searching for your sister. The second you wake up from bedtime or naptime, you always yell out her name.
-You love to brush your teeth, play in the bathtub or both of them at the same time.
-You are so tough! You are constantly walking into things, bumping your head or falling down and you rarely fuss or cry.
-You started crawling up on things. The couch, the beds, the stairs, boxes...nothing is safe.
-You got your first boo-boo while walking on the sidewalk. You scraped your knee and you didn't even realize that you were even hurt.
--You have started showing love by laying your head down on our shoulders and giving kisses.
-- You started sleeping with a blanket and a lovie.

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