Monday, September 15, 2014


*Amelia had a birthday party to go to a few weekends ago. Noah turned four and we had a fun day celebrating him!
*At the birthday party, Amelia conquered the tallest slide. No fear from our little girl--she loves to slide!
*Barrett is getting to be such a fun little guy. He's into everything...always exploring and finding ways to destroy the house.We love our last little addition!
*Amelia's hair is getting so curly. I'm heading out to buy the Wet Brush from Target this week to help us manage our curls a little better.
*Barrett's birthday deposit was put down this week. It's official...our little boy is having a super fun first birthday party at a fun location.
*Barrett still sleeps with his feet crossed...something that I find so stinking cute and irresistible.
*We passed by a fun game room at the store the other day (dang you, Wal-Mart) and Amelia wanted to ride in one of the moveable rides. Last time ended with screams and panic but this time was different. She loved riding in the car and said she was going to save up her money to come back.
*I get a special visitor in my bed each time that Daddy is on call. Since we've decorated for fall, we now get a fun ghost light to fall asleep too. Sister thought that was pretty cool.
*Barrett's one year/cake smash pictures were this past weekend and I was given a sneak peek. How big does my baby look?! 
*My two sisters are flying in from MISSOURI for Barrett's birthday party and I'm so excited to see them, hug their necks and to have a little bit of girl time.

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