Monday, September 1, 2014

Read, Fizz, Boom

On Saturday we got to celebrate a big milestone in the Conway house.
Amelia completed her summer reading program last week and to celebrate this awesome accomplishment, she was given a family fun day.
The fun day was only for children in the community that completed the program. We were so proud!
The day was set up on grounds of a historic part of Harrisburg and there were 25 different stations that encouraged the kids to play, learn and to just enjoy the day. Best of all...the stations were FREE!
The two favorite stations were the balloon animals and the crazy carnival hair. Amelia opted for a green bear holding a pink flower and Barrett got a turtle bracelet for their balloon choices and Amelia wanted beads in her hair.
Our big girl knew exactly what she wanted the second she was and purple beads.
She loved running around in the grass and feeling the two bead rows bounce around on her head. She thought she was big stuff!
Barrett enjoyed the day too even though the grass proved to be a struggle for our walking man. He's getting better at walking on uneven surfaces but he did a lot of riding through the fun stations.
We had such a fun day celebrating our little girl's love for reading and seeing her personality come to life around other children.

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