Tuesday, September 30, 2014


*We attended our second session in our parenting class at church. It was so great, so eye-opening and so interesting to hear other parents struggle with the same things that we do. Looking forward to next week. 
*We've starting weaning Barrett from his acid reflux medicine. We are now down from 5mL to 4mL...praying that we are able to keep lower his dosage.
*Amelia and Jason were fixing on of her toys one day because she got a piece to the screwdriver stuck in one of the screw holes. She loves learning new things...she is so content to be on her daddy's arm.
*We have started to filter out some non-necessities that we have had in our lives over the past few years. We recently cancelled our cable TV (trying to cut back before we move) and we seem to be surviving.
*I did a StrengthsFinder at work and found out that my top 5 strengths are: 1-developer; 2-harmony; 3-positivity; 4-arranger; 5-woo. Pretty eye-opening and accurate. 
*We took the kids, pups included, the other day to a fun walking trail through the woods. I love seeing pups, pudgy cheeks and pigtails in my backseat!
*Lacey's baby shower is the weekend and I'm hosting it with a few other girls. I'm so excited to see all of our ideas come together and to get everyone in the same room to celebrate Baby Funez!
*I've recently became a Goodwill shopper. I was shocked to find some adorable clothes and decorations. I'll definitely be going back! 
*Walks are so much fun when they include a ride on Jason and Amelia's shoulders. Amelia kept saying "Let go, Dad. I'm strong"
*This weekend is one of our most favorite traditions...the Apple Festival. I'm crossing my fingers for good weather. Last year it was 90 degrees outside and we were dying from the heat with a 3 week old. I have a feeling this year will be a little different.
*We're hoping to go to Cleveland in October to look at some apartments. I'm crossing my fingers that we can meet up with Andy and Alissa! 
*We took my sister to a yummy restaurant while she was here and while we love their food, we LOVE that there is a playground in the middle of all the tables. It makes waiting for food a lot easier!
*We started sleep training round 2 with Amelia this week. Little sister loves her freedom that her big bed offers but we aren't a fan of her coming to get us multiple times each night to rub her back until she falls back to sleep. Monday night we made a sleep chart and by Tuesday night, she was sleeping all night and not crying when we left her room. Making progress!
*Halloween costumes are bought and ready to go, Christmas shopping is partially done and we're starting the beginning stages of putting our house on the market.

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