Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Our neighborhood had trick-or-treating last night and the excitement this week was building all for Halloween Eve.
Amelia wanted to be Abby Cadabby but because of all the prior events that we attended, she decided that she wanted to be something different for trick-or-treating.
A sparkly, light-up princess dress with a crown, drop down earrings, a necklace and a white fur sweater was the end result. Rapunzel with a twist.
She got to get a little dolled up...we put makeup on her eyes, cheeks and lips, perfume on her wrists, hairspray in her curls and lotion on her hands and legs. She thought she was so grown-up!
Barrett was the same 'ole sweet little lion and I could have just pinched his sweet little cheeks all night. His crazy mane was going in so many directions, I couldn't help but laugh every time he walked away.
Barrett also realized his love for suckers and candy! He walked around most of the night like the below picture...begging to get another sucker opened.
 Nannie decided to pass out candy while we walked up and down the road to get some candy from all of our neighbors. 
Most of our neighbors were out with their kids so they just put the candy bowl out on their porch and let the kids take the candy. I've never seen this before.
We finished off the night passing out candy in our driveway. Amelia started asking to go and sit with Nannie about halfway through our candy sweep so we knew that she wanted to help out.
She loved passing out candy and seeing all the costumes. Every time someone would come and say how pretty Amelia was, she would hit her dress to activate the music/lights and give them an extra handful of candy. She was beaming!

We ended the night around 7:45pm--one kid was passed ready for bed and one was determined to eat all the candy in her Halloween bag. I'll let you decided which is which.
Happy Halloween from the Conway Family. Another great night down in the books...countless more to come.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hatin' On The Hospital

Are you ready for some real, raw feelings on a Thursday morning?
If not, please pass over this post for today!

I love that my husband is in a field that he loves, where he feels like he is making a difference and where he is learning and expanding his knowledge every day.
I love the fact that he feels confident in the operating room or feels like his education has prepared him for bigger and better things. As a supporter of my husband and his dreams, this means A LOT.
I love that he feels like the leader of the house because he can meet our family's needs and ensure that we are financially taken care of throughout the years. 

I also know that one day we will see the light at the end of the tunnel that so many people tell us is there but sometimes that isn't good enough.
It isn't good enough because the time that he is missing out on, we will never get back. The dinners that we eat without him, the fun things we do without him, the constant state of exhaustion the bedtime routines that we he misses out on, the tears, the smiles are all things that we won't get back.

Sometimes I HATE the hospital.
Sometimes I HATE that my husband is a doctor.

Last night, he was scheduled "late", which means that he will be at work later than normal but not over night. We ate dinner because we knew that he wouldn't be home but I wanted his dinner to be warm so I left out the food. Well, 7:30pm came and went so dinner was put away. He texted at 9:30pm and said that he should be home by 10pm but then 10pm passed and he still wasn't home. By the time that he got home at 11:30pm, his food was so cold that he just ate a peanut butter sandwich. 
I was so frustrated with the situation that I was fuming by the time he crawled into bed.  I was upset with the situation, with the fact that he thought he would be home sooner and the fact that we miss him and he's at the beck and call of the hospital. I wasn't in a good place. I was bitter and angry with the situation.

Sometimes I just want to through in the towel. I hate not having my husband around when the kids need him, when I need him. 

I'm praying that I can keep my negativity towards the situation to a minimum so Jason can feel supported and loved during this journey. I know that he is tired of the situation too and he would love to spend more time with his family but residency isn't conducive to family time. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pumpkin Carving....Conway Style

Yesterday was pumpkin carving day! I had an early event that had me leaving the house before 6am (so I got to get off super early) and Jason was post-call so he spent the day napping on and off. We went to the park before dinner and then after dinner we carved pumpkins.
Amelia was so excited to be included in the process. She picked out the dragon stencil and she wanted to help every step of the way. Barrett loved picking up the pumpkin insides--the texture intrigued him but then it would gross him out at the same time. He was slinging pumpkin string and seeds everywhere. He was in heaven!
I think that this Halloween carving session went better than last year because we were a little more laid back. Messes can be cleaned up but letting the kids participate makes the memories so much greater. 
Here are our finished pumpkins--a witch riding on her broom and a dragon.
The kids loved having the back door curtains open through the night so they could run to the door and look out to see their pumpkins. As soon as they woke up this morning, I had to go and light the candle again so they could see their creations.


Partners in Medicine is like a spouses organization for the residents at Hershey. I don't get to do too many activities with them but the Trunk or Treat evening is always one that we try to attend. Jason was on call so Nannie went with us this year. Barrett had his first trunk-or-treating experience and he LOVED it.
We tried to get a group picture of all the little ones. I loved seeing all the different costumes and the excitement in their eyes. Chocolate, candy and costumes make little ones sooo happy. 
We let Amelia pick out her costume and out of all the super cute ones, she chose Abby Cadabby. Abby is a fairy character from Sesame Street. I wasn't sure how she would look...but she looked adorable!  She's the cutest Abby Cadabby that I've ever seen!!
 Barrett was an adorable little lion. He walked through the parking lot like he owned it. He was so excited and proud to be part of a "big kid" activity.
Each of the families that attended had their candy in their trunk or on the ground by their car. Barrett was happy with his two Reese's peanut butter cups so he just followed around behind Amelia. Amelia loved seeing all the new candies at each of the car.
We stayed at the trunk-or-treat for about 30 minutes before we had to head out. We had already had plans to meet some friends at the Hummelstown parade so we had to grab our candy and get out. HA!

I loved seeing my little ones dressed up. It was such a fun evening with the little ones! LOVES moments like these!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


*This weekend had some of the best fall weather so we tried to get outside as much as we could. We went with our Life Group at church to a park for a picnic, some games and a nature walk.
*Amelia was really excited to be leaving the house before 9am. This girl loves to go, go, go.
*Barrett has started going down the stairs by himself. We've tried to make him go down on his belly but he feels so much secure (and we do too) with him sliding down on his bottom. Where did my sweet little baby go?
*Baseball fields, fall leaves and a blue-eyed baby boy make this Mama's heart so happy!
*I love watching the friendship between these two grow. Barrett is always two steps behind his sister and she wouldn't have it any other way.
*Evenings at the park with the WHOLE family make me smile. We had a beautiful day and we took advantage of it before it gets too cold outside.
*We are only a few days away from November, which is Jason's birthday month, a mission trip, Thanksgiving and when the cold weather comes to stay for PA.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Festivities

Our community is so family friendly that sometimes, I'm amazed at all that it has to offer. On Saturday at a park, they were having a fall festival. They weren't charging but they were asking for $5 per car for a donation to help with all the expense that was involved in the evening.
The festival had a candy hunt, bounce houses, face painting, pumpkin decorating and a movie on a large blow up screen. All of that for a donation...crazy, huh?!
We started our festivities that evening at the candy hunt. They threw massive amounts of candy in a huge hay pile and let the kids dig it all out.
We didn't get as much candy as some of the more intense kids but the few pieces that we did get were guarded and appreciated by Barrett and Amelia.
Our next stop was the hill to the multiple bounce houses and blow up slides. Amelia saw the slide when we drove in to the park and got so excited. She LOVES slides and wanted to try the blow up one.
She made it all the way to the top but when she realized how far she was from the bottom, she panicked. Usually we are with her when we go down the big slides but she was all alone on this one. She sat at the top scared for a little bit until she worked up the courage to go down the slide.
She immediately wanted to go to another bounce house...HA! I think if she would have tried again then she would have been in love!
Barrett got to go in the bounce house with Amelia. She was so proud to show him all of her bouncing moves but he couldn't manage to stay on his feet.
He didn't make it the full 4 minutes that they were allowed. He enjoyed the bounce house better from the outside and in Mommy's arms.
The line for the face painting was starting to get ridiculous so I stood in line while Jason let the kids run around a little bit.
We finally made it to the front of the line and Amelia knew that she wanted the "fairy princess" face paint and that Barrett needed the "spider mask". She was so excited and did such a great job of sitting really still during her time in the face painting chair.
Barrett got a spider--the mask would have been too difficult for our little man with a short attention span.
Our last stop was the pumpkin decorating and the kids weren't really feeling it so I didn't get any pictures. It was getting late and they were ready for their bedtime routine.
The second we got home, Amelia remembered her candy that she found. She found an egg and she just knew that it had a toy inside of it. Right now she is obsessed with Shopkins, Kinder Eggs, Surprise Eggs, Blind bags and anything else that hides cheap little toys in a chocolate egg.
Her egg didn't have a toy in was filled with some green gooey creme. Cadbury eggs made some "Scream" eggs for Halloween. Even though there wasn't a toy in it, she enjoyed gobbling down every last bit of her chocolate egg.
Before bath time, we took a few selfies so we could document the face painting just one. more. time. 
 We ended the night with too much sugar in our system but with a lot of great memories with the family. The holiday seasons are so much more fun with little ones to enjoy them with. We are getting all that we can out of this Fall/Halloween season.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hershey's Halloween Parade

Last night was Hershey's Halloween parade and we knew that we wanted to go! Being that we had never gone to the parade before and I have heard raving reviews, we wanted to make sure that we were there a little bit early so we could get a prime parking spot and a good spot for our chairs. Jason was on call so he missed all the fun festivities.
We parked our car, put out our chairs and walked to the closest restaurant.
Dinner at Chipotle while watching traffic on Chocolate Avenue couldn't have been a better start to our fun evening. Steak bowls, salted/lime chips and chocolate milk...YUM!
After dinner, we went back to our chairs and fell hook, line and sinker for some light up swords that were being sold way over price out of a "borrowed" grocery cart.
Shortly after 7:00pm, the parade started. Amelia is in a phase where she enjoys police cars, fire trucks and ambulances so when the parade started with ALL of these, she was in heaven. We were sitting right on the curb so when they tooted their horns, she panicked. She sat through most of the service section with her hands over her ears...just in case.
Barrett on the other hand was enthralled with the lights, the horns and the sirens were right up his alley.
The rest of the parade was filled with a mixture of floats, costumes and a lot of Hershey candy. I didn't take too many pictures because I was intent on enjoying the moment without the camera.
Amelia loved standing out along the curb and collecting candy in her candy bag. Barrett was amazed with all the floats and the high school bands. We had such a fun night together...we were a little sad that Jason missed such a fun night. Our first experience with a parade was a SUCCESS!