Monday, October 13, 2014

Catching Up...

--Barrett got some adorable pirate pajamas from Auntie E and I had to document the cuteness. Our little man is obsessed with his pups. We're still trying to teach him to be soft but he loves to pat and give love to Bazzle and Muzzy.
--Jason left for New Orleans on Friday morning and I wanted to send him with some goodies! His Meme makes an almond paste pie and I thought I would make it for him. The pie tripled in size and I was worried (hence the picture) but when it cooled, it fell. It was SO yummy!!
--Jason rode to the airport with a few of his co-workers and they parked their car at our house. Well, they are from Seattle and they don't have rules on how to park on the side of the road. In Pennsylvania, cars must be parked on the side of the road in the direction of traffic. His car was parked on the wrong side of the road so he was getting daily tickets. When his wife came to move the car, the car wouldn't start. We had to push the jeep to the other side of the road. Amelia babysat the little ones.
--Holding hands in the back of the car creates some amazing belly laughs from these two cuties. I love to see their love for each other grow.
--Saturdays are filled with errands. After a stop at the shoe store where they shower young ones with cookies and pretzel rods, Barrett fell asleep with his pretzel rod. Notice the rod is still in his hand and the rest of the rod is all over him. HAHA!
--Aunt Holly sends Amelia all of the clothes that Lexie has outgrown. A huge box was delivered on our doorstep and it was literally like Christmas in our house. We loved looking at all the clothes. Some of the items were even modeled!
--Chipotle was a dinner choice this weekend. Amelia, dressed in some of Lexie's clothes (pajamas with an Ariel shirt on top, hogged all the guacamole and chips. Can't say I blame her but she loves her Mexican food like her Daddy.
--Yesterday was beautiful so after church we headed to the duck pond. Barrett is obsessed with animals and Amelia loved trying to lure them close with crackers.
--We also had a few afternoons on the back porch. Camo hats, peanut butter crackers and sand make my little man so happy!
--I dye my mom's hair every month and we refer to it as "painting Nannie's hair". Amelia always asks to paint her little one's hair. She was so intense and focused when rubbing the brush filled with water on her baby's hair.

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